where the ineffable & the hard edge collide

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Temperance is love surrendering itself wholly to Him who is its object; courage is love bearing all things gladly for the sake of Him who is its object; justice is love serving Him who is its object, and therefore rightly ruling; prudence is love making wise distinctions between what hinders and what helps itself….St. Augustine

if we risk coming to the edge, we find the miraculous……and if we ‘do good,’ we cannot return to anything less…the art of being kind brings us through closed doors, trailing beauty behind….may we befriend our own hearts…..

Lon’s Fort

is round and looks

on every other roundness

of the world

as if to stand here

is to stand

at the center

of circle

after growing circle

and reach

in the mind

for a far circumference

that holds as focus

an interior so far in

so concentrated

with origin

we find ourselves

by looking out

at what looks back:

the lighted edge

of rock and sky,

the sweet

unmoving darkness

over the horizon

that makes

a perfect

beckoning symmetry

to the night

beneath our feet,

the underground

where light cannot live

but whose darkness

makes a ground

on which to stand,

the central

ancestral story

of those who

lived here

looking out

at the same


and the same



who saw a world

that witnessed them

at a privileged


their lives caught

like ours

in the glance

of what lies beyond

only for

a fleeting moment.

…David Whyte

do not be afraid of vulnerability

When you were younger, what roads did you think you would take? Have you taken any of those roads yet? That ‘today’ became ‘the day’ for you? Was the road-you-took as you imagined it would be? If roads have not been taken, what do you need to do for that to happen? How do the tomorrows, the todays, and the yesterdays of your life flow? Is there congruence, connection, gentleness? What is the road you are on at this moment in your life?…..June Mack Maffin

7 thoughts on “where the ineffable & the hard edge collide

  1. Surely Frost was a prophet writing the words of The Road Not Taken … Your words are rich with meaning these days, and reach deeply for me … Thank you, and may you find a quiet harbor for the weekend …

    • the rapture of life is taking hold….the sun & the sea calm & ignite in a keen paradox….where the rosy becomes dull, I sit & wait…..studying the roads not taken allows forgiveness….may you find softness in your reverie g.f.s….

  2. I read this and can’t help but think of those (myself included) who wander the same roads again and again, questioning why but never paying attention. If I remain, there is reason – there is a place on the road that I have not yet worn with my worry or tears – a soul I have overlooked for lifting. Wherever I am, there is reason – and I have not yet taken a road that was not expecting me to come. I love that image of dragging beauty behind us, for surely we shall not find what we do not take along. May beauty learn to walk in your footsteps. ~ Love always, Bobbie

  3. “the art of being kind brings us through closed doors” is an amazing truth once you recognize it. You are kind to remind us.

    And “may we befriend our own hearts” is something so easily neglected and so healing and empowering when we embrace it with heart and mind and spirit.

    Your gift for communicating these truths is a blessing to all of us.

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