finding the sage in-between the lines

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The universe is made of stories- not atoms.

……Muriel Ruykeyser

they speak to us from the infinite space of emotion, not a holding on, but an ancestral nudging of deep imagination….we identify with a knowledge greater than intellect, softer than love, and deeper than soul artistry…..this is the Way of impossibility….to sift into the daydreams and the imagery of vast realms…..go down deep in sweet knowing….

That the way of the ‘artless art’ is not easy to follow we were to learn during the very first lesson. The Master began by showing us various Japanese bow, explaining that their extraordinary elasticity was due to their peculiar construction and also to the material from which they are generally made, namely bamboo. but it seemed even more important to him that we should note the noble form which the bow- it is over 6 feet long- assumes as soon as it is strung, and which appears the more surprising the further the bow is drawn. When drawn to its full extent, the bow encloses the ‘All’ in itself, explained the Master, and that is why it is important to learn how to draw it properly. Then he grasped the best and strongest of his bows and, standing in a ceremonious and dignified attitude, let the lightly drawn bowstring fly back several times. this produces a sharp crack mingled with a deep thrumming, which one never afterwards forgets when one has heard it only a few times; so strange is it, so thrillingly does it grip the heart. From ancient times it has been credited with the secret power of banishing evil spirits, and I can well believe that this interpretation has struck root in the whole Japanese people. After this significant introductory act of purification and consecration the Master commanded us to watch him closely. He placed an arrow on the string, drew the bow so far that I was afraid it would not stand up to the strain of embracing the All, and loosed the arrow. All this looked not only very beautiful, but quite effortless. He then gave us his instructions: ‘When drawing the string you should not exert the full strength of your body, but must learn to let only your two hands do the work, while your arm and shoulder muscles remain relaxed, as though they looked on impassively. Only when you can do this will you have fulfilled one of the conditions that make the drawing and the shooting ‘spiritual.’ With these words he gripped my hands and slowly guided them through the phases of the movement which they would have to execute in the future, as if accustoming me to the feel of it…..Eugen Herrigel

the web of blue sky..

The stories people tell have a way

of taking care of them.

If stories come to you, care for them.

And learn to give them away

where they are needed.

Sometimes a person needs a story

more than food to stay alive.

That is why we put these stories

in each other’s memory.

This is how people care for themselves.

….Barry Lopez

5 thoughts on “finding the sage in-between the lines

  1. In the Lakota tradition the Bow and the arrow are also sacred. The first a symbol of the crescent moon, and the latter the straight horizon where sun and moon rise and set. They are symbols of the man and woman in marriage. There is art and practice to the creation of both, and it is passed down through generations of families.. Meditations on these symbols open us to the realities of the whys of living … May your arrows fly true from the sacred bow of the heart …

  2. I am reminded of a comment by CBE about story. Everything is a story. My drive to work – a story; my trip to the grocer – a story; my yard in Fall – a story; baby birds in the gutter at the edge of the roof – a story. It is all story. Every thing, even the briefest of encounters changes the story. Touch (divine) moves the story such that we are forever changed. Every sorrow and every bliss are weaved into the one, and we are blessed. Yes, let us dig deep into the knowing, and rise eager to dig again. My love to you, dear friend. May your day be filled with beautiful additions to the story of you. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • I am filled with anecdotes and poetry and sweet-nothings just by being in your stories…..this too, is so integrating and validating….to be heard……thank you for you and for listening so beautifully Bobbie…..sending swirly clouds….

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