beautifying our inner & outer masks


Old plum tree bent and gnarled

all at once opens one blossom, two blossoms,

three, four, five blossoms, uncountable blossoms-

Whirling, changing into wind, wild rain,

falling, snow, all over the earth.

….old Zen master

the juxtaposition of being in this world and yet not being fully present is not lost on us when we realize the full beauty the moment offers us when we drop in…..this is the alchemy of finding clouds within us….may we drift by, pure and light and spacious…

Faith is the light of consciousness found in the heart. The price of the ticket into the heart is the loss of self. Meditation is the act of faith that leads us on the journey from the head to the heart. It is made as it is felt. It is made in the stillness from which action flows. It manifests in deep silence and in truthful speech. We feel it as we meditate because it is a separation preceding union and because every journey is a leaving as well as an arriving. The space between is paradox. Meditation is faith leading to a separation from the familiar world, a comfortably predictable and conventional world. In the daily practice we choose to step outside the ordinary routine for a short time- the news, checking email, shopping or managing things. The busyness of the mind planning, imagining, solving problems, wrestling with questions is suspended, just as we suspend our anxieties of the place of departure when we board a plane until we land to meet the problems at the point of arrival. In the world of silence that we engage with on the ‘journey of meditation’ the attachments and the compulsions which tie us to the point of departure are gradually undone in the heart……….Laurence Freeman

notes on this splendid timing

Lord, help me; because my fire is so small and your galaxies are so immense. Teach me to be grateful for the beauty of this fire, my life. The double gaze opens into the world, into the self. Moment to moment we are looking out, looking in, breathing out, breathing in. Our task becomes simultaneously to attend more to the inner world and to find ourselves in the world around us, like our ancestors who knew that memory is stored not only in our brains but in our landscapes. Often we speak of inner life as the life of dreams and yearnings, intuitions and emotions, the world of the spirit in contrast to the outer world of time and taxes, deadlines and dishes. Inner life also suggests the inner life of the body. Outer world is also tree root and river rock, anthill and cloud. At some point the distinction between inner world and outer world itself dissolves. As we move through space, extending feet, hands, we are brushing up against our soul, moving in an energetic circle that is our soul. Everything turns inside out. The soul becomes as immense as the sky……J. Ruth Gendler

4 thoughts on “beautifying our inner & outer masks

  1. As above so below … What shadows we cast upon the earth and we mistake for truth, where should we look for this except in the wholeness of the true self, the one in whom we live and breathe and have our being … It is said that consciousness is the temple in man … Shall we look then to the temple to know God … And in finding our God also find ourselves?
    May you find that quiet moment between the ebb and flow of tides today …

    • timeless questions……I bow to the archetypes rendered, to the masks we attempt to make and break over a lifetime…..I can only conclude that consciousness is found in finding that delicate moment in each challenge….the one where we make a choice each time…and oh how subtle the sign……this faith that Freeman speaks brings comfort….blessings to your quiet knowings g.f.s…

  2. How fruitless the time spent divining the line between us and all there is – the sky of imperfect clouds, the road splitting and coming together again……. I love this universal understanding of soul – of our oneness to everything (and everything to us)……… May unknown worlds expand to become the only one you know. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • how complete and validating….our experiences feel whole through your eyes, through your words… fear, only delight in these ‘unknown worlds’…..calm heart Bobbie…

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