existential diamond-light


On a clear night we can see the sky

through the window-

stars too staggeringly numerous to count,

and space so vast it cannot be fathomed.

As morning dawns we hear birds and insects.

They are praising the new day.

We smell mown grass and honeysuckle.

Leaves stir in the wind,

whispering about joy.

All around us is majesty.

There is even majesty in the crabgrass

growing in the flowerbeds.

All is imbued with abundant life force.

Each morning we are given a world

to be in, to enjoy, to be opened by

and grounded in.

Can we ever truly receive this gift?

How much joy can the heart hold?

….Gunilla Norris

we abide….and if we are shot by an arrow of the unquestionable searcher, life sanctifies its presence and colors begin to move like stained glass….these holy doubts and fissures feel like heavy sleep sloughing off into the pink and gold and bronze light within…..

During a soul encounter, you glimpse one or more features of your soul image. This image can be multifaceted and complex like an elaborate tapestry that has many sub-images. Woven into the fabric of the image is a mysterious symbol that holds within it the secrets of your life purpose. Through one or more soul encounters, you learn about that symbol and how it reflects your unique soul qualities or core powers, the gift you were born to carry to others. The fact you have your particular soul qualities, and not others, is the truth at the center of the image you were born with. You might encounter somewhat different images on different occasions. Each person’s soul image is as unique and mysterious as his or her destiny. In contrast to soul encounter, soul initiation refers to that extraordinary moment in life when we cross over from psychological adolescence to true adulthood, from our first adulthood to our second. At that moment, our everyday life becomes firmly rooted in the purposes of the soul. But it’s not so much that we choose at that moment to make soul embodiment a top priority; it’s more as if the soul commands us to that task and we assent…….Bill Plotkin

where mystery meets meaning

For the moment, I’ve stopped struggling.

The undertow tugs at my clothes,

and the current takes me where it will. Surrender

sounds like defeat, but this tastes like

victory, the sweet release into something

open, empty, yet complete. My heart

speaks, instructing me to relinquish all

control. I close my eyes, and see myself

dissolving while remaining whole.

When, at last, I am delivered gasping to

the shore, I know it was the letting go

that brought me home. I was saved

not by my strength, but by daring to

be vulnerable and weightless, choosing

not to hold onto any of the debris that

floated past me. Truth tastes salty, like

tears, or the wind-whipped spray torn

from the froth of breakers. Truth tastes

like drowning, feels like being spit out

of the belly of the whale to stand inside

a larger footprint on the sand.

…..Danna Faulds

4 thoughts on “existential diamond-light

  1. Loved the subject and the light it spreads:
    God has countless faces; being personified in his creature, each of us has gained his own unique spirit..
    Keep the flame going dear Susan
    Peace & Light

  2. Deeper still the strength required to let go of the wheel – to crash (to sail) – to swim out on the sea. The universe shows us – sometimes as hard as starting over – others, as easy as letting go. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

    • indeed, how many times in my life will I begin again? and when will I forget to not shelter the beginnings? challenging and easy, dark and light…..these mesh more easily over time…..slide sweetly from day into night Bobbie….

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