the compelling art of being fully free

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The soul rides on the feathers of the wind.

….Meister Eckhart

we move from despair to dreams as full as a million twinkling stars, dancing, falling, sifting down to the soul of the heart-flame……we hold handfuls of these stars, allowing them to infuse us with the sweet murmuring of hope…..

Once we streamline and empower ourselves, our visions take on meaning. We move from fantasy to creative vision, acting not from haphazard energy bursts but from naturally occurring dreams of the possible. When your purpose is clear and your energies are focused, the vision of what is possible will begin to manifest through you. You won’t have to use manipulative visualization methods because your own natural enthusiasm will lead you into the visionary realm. You will begin to dream, imagine, and feel the future, allowing yourself to be led by the future instead of trying to plan it and thus losing all the magic in your life. To live in vision is to ever be created in the here and now, to defy the limitations that others put on you and above all, to allow yourself to be led by the unknown. The element of vision adds magic to the mobilization of energy……Rick Jarow

shining beacons sometimes lie in shadows….

Spirituality is the art of transfiguration. We should not force ourselves to change by hammering our lives into any predetermined shape. We do not need to operate according to the idea of a predetermined program or plan for our lives. Rather, we need to practice a new art of attention to the inner rhythm of our days and lives. If you work with a different rhythm, you will come easily and naturally home to yourself. Your soul knows the geography of your own destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you attend to yourself and seek to come into your presence, you will find exactly the right rhythm for your life……..John O’Donohue

4 thoughts on “the compelling art of being fully free

  1. Although it’s not exactly the same, it is. For many years, I struggled with rhyme and meter and count and fluff……… I might hear a song and with that beat, I would write something. But later, when I returned, I would have forgotten the song and the words – well – they had lost their anchor. And then one day, there was only one song (the one I know; the one I’ve always known). In the stillness, it was there and I wrote……..and I write, and the words are the same every time for the anchor is within me – a still slow rhyme of almost no meter and uncertain count. The song I remember every time. Thank you for reminding me (as you do) of all I know and don’t quite. ~ Love ever. May your morning last far into the night. ~ Always, Bobbie

    • a beautiful testament to following the heart’s lead….I sense such persistent connection to the sublime soul of nature in you……rhythm and blues, rhythm and blues….flowing from poem to poem…..swing into your heartline Bobbie…

    • ah yes, I didn’t know what personal destiny meant until I knew what it was….sort of…….the art of being human I guess…..may the intuitive act keep you searching g.f.s…..

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