abide the rhythm of yielding


Deep peace of the running wave to you,

of water flowing,

rising and falling,

sometimes advancing,

sometimes receding-

May the stream of your life flow


Deep peace of the running wave to you-

…..Celtic Prayer

we are not conscious of the deep undertow….the flow we need so dearly, to become, to rest, to fold in the rhythms of ‘that which we have yet to know’……may the art of life, of trust, of ebb and flow find us in shallow pools….calm and steady….

The point of our spiritual practice is not to hide on our cushion or our yoga mat for an hour a day and make our way through our day-to-day lives avoiding as much of reality as possible, creating a safe little cocoon for our self and maybe our family, and waiting around for all the bad people in power to destroy the environment, poison us with food, kill us with healthcare and pharmaceuticals and anesthetize everyone with the media and consumerism. The point of our spiritual practice is to become our fully enlightened, fully liberated selves one step at a time, and along the way live the very best possible lives we can in the physical plane. The point is to connect with a greater source of wisdom, intelligence, compassion, love and power than we can possibly imagine and to align our self with Divine Will, with our Highest Self, and to live our lives and take action from this place with these tools……Edward Mannix

an invitation to journey into an organic rhythm….

At dusk offer a prayer for the time of transition from day to night, from light to dark. Stand facing the west in honor of the setting sun, and embrace the awareness that you have your own limits, that each day of life reflects the rising and falling of the tides and of your own breath, and that one day there will be that last fall into death. Spend time at the rich shoreline where water and earth meet, exploring tidal pools, and reflecting on the in-between spaces of your own life. What are the natural rhythms of your life?….Christine Valters Paintner

4 thoughts on “abide the rhythm of yielding

  1. In much of the rural area where I live, homes are scattered and in other places clustered. Beyond the reach of the city, they are connected by wells – wells that reach deep into at least one large and ancient river that runs beneath them all, binding them all……… As a child, I would lie awake convinced I could hear the river far below, forever moving to home. Love this, Blue. Have a sweet gentle day. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • A fine and deep ancestral collective, all connected with the power of water….home, roots, life, interbeing…..I’ve never had such a sense of home in a place except near water……we indeed, need each other, feed each other through our lives, our living…..it’s raining here today….feel the roots grow Bobbie….

    • I think I know it best when I deny it….funny, this life we craft so carefully….to sit in the still point allows us to see all that we don’t know…..a humbling, beautiful and surreal landscape……shadowplay in stones and sand g.f.s…..

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