echo of a heart beat


On the other side of experience, the heart meets its own wisdom when there is little left to say. It is here that we finally listen to silence. But having to live in the world, we spiral in and out of peace as our taste for the fight dissolves into a need for the ancient quiet, again and again. What sustains us are the moments with nothing in the way, when the light of the world kisses the light of the heart and each breath shines. This is the art we are born with that we travel through life trying to learn and relearn: to animate our bareness of being through listening and feeling. Take some time to describe your friendship at this point with everything larger than you. How does Source speak to you? What do you hear? What has the living presence of the Universe said to you lately? If this presence seems distant, how can you move closer to it? How comfortable are you with taking things in, with internalizing what you experience? How can you face the pain of being stuck, which makes us afraid to go deeper? Can you trust that the Wholeness of life waits beneath your arguments and your brokenness? Can you trust that you are not alone? All of this is the work of being. All of this is an invitation into a deeper relationship with life. All of this waits in the daily unfolding of our experience. This is the work of being human…..Mark Nepo

our deepest and finest work may be to trust in the moods of life in all of its pain and despair….and then to add our own misunderstanding and our lack of self-awareness only confuses us into living on the surface…..can we dare to move from where we are, trusting in the echo of grace to reverbirate through us?

We have reached the top. ‘Listen,’ he says. He shouts. His voice cries outward, then echoes back. He shouts again, hears himself reflected. He is beside himself with the mystery. Little is more haunting, more inherently mystical, than the strange and disembodied sound of an echo. In some indefinable way, it is the voice of the spirit, the sound of memory. I am brought back to a time in my life, many years ago, when I was living on the side of a rugged hill. I would go there when I wanted to solve a problem, or talk to God, or worry or laugh or cry or pray. When I stood there I felt a strange kinship with people, ancestors, I had never seen and could hardly even imagine. For years I wondered about the strange power of that promontory. From that shelf of land I could speak in any direction and my voice would come back to me. Isolated from context, and suspended in space, my words became music, and every nuance of intention and meaning was revealed. To listen to that echo was to hear myself in the way that others heard me- not my thoughts and ideas, but the plainsong of my heart. It was the mirror of my spirit. I try always to look upon the world and the people I meet as the echoes of my spirit. If I am acting with anger, the echo of that anger will return to in the words and actions of others. Likewise, if I find that I am full of brightness and hope, or deeply contemplative in the presence of a particular person, I know I am in the presence of a gracious spirit, and I am echoing the gift that is being given to me. It is as if the lesson of the echo contains the secret to understanding the space between us all…..Kent Nerburn

lingering words in the heart

If we enjoy a minimum of freedom and opportunity, human life has extraordinary possibilities for inner development. Made use of intelligently, this life offers a unique opportunity to develop and actualize the potential we all possess but are so ready to neglect and fritter away. This potential, veiled by ignorance or mental confusion and by afflictive emotions, remains for the most part buried within us like a hidden treasure. The good qualities we acquire as we travel along the spiritual path represent the gradual emergence of this potential……Matthieu Ricard

2 thoughts on “echo of a heart beat

  1. We all walk the line between two worlds, yet we seldom glance the way we should, into the lighter side of being, the one that actually sustains us, and from which this world is an extension. Like the Caucus Teal Scott rides on her inner journeys, there is so much we miss because we are not gentle enough in our presence among our surroundings. How deep they go is only a matter of imagination, and understanding that that word, is just a symbol for true reality, thank you for this reminder … May Dolphins rise to greet you today…

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