the truth is painted on the soul

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Allow into your art space these seven gifts that come from working from your inner world:

-the courage to sit and wait

-the curiosity to open closed doors and explore what is behind them

-the ability to listen to yourself

-an appreciation for the experience of all life

-a respect for the power of your imagination

-the compassion to try to embrace all things with unconditional acceptance

-and an awe for the path of knowing

…..Nancy Azara

kissing the soul’s gracious art space…the easels and the brushes and the clay and the sun streaming in from the inspirational heart of being alive… is about knowing the radiance in the cycle of wrecking and building…..everything is reborn…..

Unity in the art that is our life is about finding the common thread that weaves itself throughout. Think about the things that are most important to you. Think about the friends with whom you spend the most time. You may be made aware of an activity or element that is inconsistent with your ‘common thread’ or think of something else you could do to reinforce the things that are important to you. Sometimes we simply fail to revisit that unifying principle often enough. All our experiences are there for a reason, and there may be a unifying thread running through them. Maybe you have not thought of it that way before. We can spend more time thinking of what we would like to have done differently, or we can look at all those experiences as necessary little pieces that are slowly but surely guiding you to the life of your dreams…..Whitney Ferre

floating in golden paint, streaked in iridescentĀ  fire

How long now have I been searching? Searching for the place that is mine. And why is there a need to search for such a thing, for am I not also all that is mine? Yet, allowing myself true expression in this dream world of illusory separateness has become a freedom too great to ask for. Dare I ask for the joy of creating in this moment what contradicts all that this world believes? Unbeknownst to my sense of loss, I have remained a luminous presence within a land of darkened thoughts. I have not really lost my way, nor have I been misled by space and time. My innermost Self is at hand, standing upright and serene in the single moment that never changes or removes itself. This Self is always present, even when I hide my truth from myself. The one I am, in the illusion of the passage of time, is the one who never changes. I am an unchanging center in a world of change. I love the life that I am, and I want to bring forth into the shadowed world of dreaming this wondrous light within me. I must believe and trust I can do this….Arlene Graston

4 thoughts on “the truth is painted on the soul

  1. Did we not dream ourselves into being, and isn’t the dream living still …? This simple but wonderous thought embodies each individual’s expression of self-art, One of the first things we give to children to play with are crayons and coloring books. Our error is teaching them to color inside the lines ! Sending swaths of blue and gold for your watercolor skies today….

    • love this poignant and startling revelation…….I’m teaching young 7 year olds in a brownie troop about painting/art tomorrow….my message is all about the beauty and fun of experimenting and playing……may I remember to not color in the lines…..may you too write the poem outside the lines g.f.s…..

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