casting aside all distractions

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Because our essence pervades our whole body, to become attuned to it means that we become alive throughout the whole internal depth of ourselves. To live in the subtle, spiritual ground of ourselves is to arrive at our own wild existence. We all have a natural ability to recognize authenticity. Just as we can tell balance from imbalance or harmony from dissonance, we are designed to detect the ring of truth. This capacity becomes increasingly acute as we realize fundamental consciousness. It is a navigational tool for guiding us toward the realization of our authentic, spiritual being. Although we may not know what we are missing, if we become too cut off from our real self, too ensnared in our false persona, we become depressed, and life seems meaningless.When we direct our focus inward, however, we discover that we are not the ‘hollow men’ that the poet T.S. Eliot described, but full of the natural power, love, and intelligence of our true nature. As we recognize ourselves as the stillness of spiritual oneness, all of our experience flows freely through us. Each moment of life registers with its full impact. In this way, we become disentangled from the flow of life as we become more immersed in life. This is our most natural, relaxed condition…..Judith Blackstone

where do we fall on the continuum of real life?…..this is the question we ask when it’s not flowing well…when we’re disconnected and not feeling safe and aligned…when life is moving through the underbelly, we have more to give….we know our way…..even when we don’t…..

The first task of the heroic journey, which the hero or heroine thinks is the only task, is only the vehicle and warm-up act to get him or her to the real task. He or she ‘falls through’ what is merely ‘his or her life situation’ to discover his or her ‘Real Life,’ which is always a much deeper river, hidden beneath the appearance. Most people confuse their life situation with their actual life, which is an underlying flow beneath the everyday events. This deeper discovery is largely what religious people mean by ‘finding their soul.’ The hero or heroine then returns to where he or she started, and ‘knows the place for the first time,’ as T.S. Eliot puts it; but now with a gift or boon for his people or her village. The hero’s journey is always an experience of an excess of life, a surplus of energy, with plenty left over for others. The hero lives in deep time and not just in his or her own small time……..Richard Rohr

catapult through deep time….

‘Who are you?’ said the Caterpillar.

This was not an encouraging opening

for a conversation.

Alice replied, rather shyly, ‘I- I hardly know,

Sir- just at present-

at least I know who I was when I got up this morning,

but I think I must have changed

several times since then.’….Lewis Carroll

5 thoughts on “casting aside all distractions

  1. There are days when I have believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast … TS Elliot
    Although most believe it we are not who we are because of where we came from, no more than an IBM PC is not a Mac because of the operation systems that were installed. One of the most valuable things for us to know is that essence is pure, only corrupted by the operating system that got installed, that is our expression. It’s much easier to network PCs together than to join them with Macs. This collective unconscious, these neural networks make up perception, only perception is not reality, perception is illusion, yet it is the foundation on which we build. May your day be also “dedicated to M …”

    • you have described oh so well our ‘Real Life’……great analogy….yes, essence is pure, corrupted and then healed again if we can let go and take care at the same time….I bow to perception….may we honor its rigors and pitfalls….
      I think a poem is stirring here g.f.s….

  2. Our greatest deceit is to defy the truth that burrows in our bones, the motherload beneath that which the world perceives as important. It is more than what we accomplish, more than what we dream…… is the memory that is our soul, remembering to ourselves time and again. We should spend more time listening to our own authentic voice than to a world that says we’re not good enough. ~ May there be no fences where you roam. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • life becomes so hard when we stifle it….rigid and unresponsive….fluid and raw and real and connected when we own the song longing to come alive….not ‘to be figured out’ but to be lived……ode to your song Bobbie….

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