the opening of flowers, truth, & smallness

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I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple

in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.

…..Alice Walker

maybe you have found a safe place to live in-between the nooks of buffered feelings, memories and doubt……the elusive and intangible language of the soul never dismisses these feelings, but it surrounds us in the light of possibility within them….may we fold in to grace….

Since we are not separate from anything around us, nature’s teachings about impermanence, decay, death, regeneration, survival in adversity, stillness, silence and selflessness can assist us in our mysterious and profound journey of self-discovery. Nature provides space, clarity, and stillness so we can see the truth of the mystery of birth and death and begin to penetrate what it means to be an awake, alive, conscious human being. To understand who we are and what we are doing here gives us purpose, clarity, and an inner confidence. It can help us to prioritize what is important in our lives, so we don’t wake up in several decades’ time, ultimately regretting that we did not make use of this remarkable opportunity of life that has been given to us. To live with self-understanding provides an inner joy, spaciousness, and freedom that is priceless and that ultimately frees us from pain and suffering…….Mark Coleman

nestled in risk

One of the more difficult paradoxes to accept is that the abundance of gifts is always quietly present and that it is we who drift in and out of seeing it. The one recurring doorway to this vitality is our simple participation in life. When we slip into heartless watching, the abundance seems to vanish. When we dare to shape up and be fully present, grace and wonder and mystery start to appear, even in the midst of terrible pain. Not as planned dreams, or as images of lovers, or as scripts of success designed by our fantasies of ourselves. But as oddly shaped pods of vitality bursting to multiply and bring us further into the mystery of living. As Aldous Huxley wisely says: ‘It is through self-knowledge, not through belief in somebody else’s symbols, that a person comes to the eternal reality, in which their being is grounded.’ Ironically, people have tried for ages to quarantine themselves from the wheel of life and all the sounds it makes as it turns. It’s too scary. It’s too dreary. It’s overwhelming. It makes me feel so insignificant. Which all may be true. But it’s leaning ‘into’ the truth of what happens that heals us by opening the fabric of life that holds all this. In actuality, there is no life outside the life of experience…..Mark Nepo

6 thoughts on “the opening of flowers, truth, & smallness

  1. There is no life outside of the life of experience… This truth has been argued for millennia yet still remains the same. It is written in the stones of the temples, the sacred texts, the hymns of praise … May we know this simple truth in some moment today …

    • ….and we know we are living by this magnificent inner knowing, this aliveness….’simple truth’ found in the noticing of subtle leaf changes and cool breezes and little bits of aging gracefully……wishing you a warm, tucked-in feeling as the new week begins g.f.s…..

  2. Mornings on the porch are my retreat – a leaning into heaven’s grace. This morning, I threw bread to the lawn and watched (with coffee and toast) as my favorite squirrel (Mr. White Belly) came to retrieve a piece and then another. One was left and while I waited his return, a large crow landed about ten feet away. His approach was slow, stopping several times to look around (is this a trick, is this someone else’s bread, who left this behind) before taking one last look and lifting high into the pines with the entire slice of bread. Mr. White Belly returned and stood on his hind legs looking at me as if to say, ‘who took my bread’. Of course, it was easy enough to throw the last piece of my own (with peanut butter). This our sharing; this our place; this our only ever beginning to know what we’ve forgotten to know. ~ May your day be filled with miracles most never see. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • you are the nuance in between the humble moments and the miracles…..I love this witnessing of spaciousness and abundance and the fading day…..indeed, to know…..and I love this witnessing of the beautiful in you….so charmed Bobbie…

  3. wonderful post and as I read y’alls comments it feels more complete…
    not sure why….it just does…
    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful part of you…
    Take Care,…You Matter….

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