engaging with art shadows

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In a supportive environment- one found, more often than not, within the artistic community itself- approval and acceptance often become linked, even indistinguishable. The difference between acceptance and approval is subtle, but distinct. Acceptance means having your work counted as the real thing; approval means having people like it. The operative criteria for this rather select audience is typified by Ed Ruscha’s remark, ‘There are only artists and hacks, ‘ or James Thurber’s observation, ‘There’s no such thing as good art or bad art. There’s only Art- and damn little of it!’ Audience comes later. The only pure communication is between you and your art. Art is often made in abandonment, emerging unbidden in moments of selfless rapport with the materials and ideas we care about. In such moments we leave no space for others. That’s probably as it should be. Problems arise when we confuse others’ priorities with our own…..D. Bayles & T. Orland

as creatives, finding our route to tranquility requires noticing all the manifestations of touch, of knowing, of realizing our art…..relive the memories in deep time……sink into the sensuous reminiscing of line and color and freedom….a sweet play of eye connecting to heart…..

The artist develops an attitude that opens the work of art in an everyday way. It’s not a chip on the shoulder, it’s a skill of the heart and mind. Etymologically, attitude designates an artistic aptitude. By inquiring into a mundane situation as if it were an intentional construction, we choose to engage in a different way of seeing. You can choose to be inattentive to the reality, to resist it, or just not to bother. Or you can choose to engage with what you encounter. This difference, this attitude you can assume launches the work of art any time, any place…..Eric Booth

let it burn bright

Love is a sacrament. Beauty is a sacrament. Peace is a sacrament. Creativity is a sacrament. These things course through us just as surely as our blood. These are our sacred bonds with the divine and with each other: they are sacraments administered by the divine through the human. By manifesting these divine energies, we commit sacred acts. The constant search toward self-fulfillment is in the service of these sacraments, and self-acceptance is an experience of receiving God. The seeker of wisdom and truth asks to become the finest vessel through which such sacraments may pour forth. Creative acts are acts of communion as well as self-expression…..Adriana Diaz

4 thoughts on “engaging with art shadows

  1. Art then is a sacrament of the altar, where the altar is the flesh and bone of the living God… When we create in harmony with the Universe, there appears nothing less perfect than a newborn baby… What we call art is simply creative force finding a new direction and being recognized as true through its impact on consciousness… Love emerges in a myriad of ways… May your brush touch the sky today …

    • fearlessness is such a blessing in calling up the soul in art….and of course there is always fear, so to hold the fear becomes the tender spot…..this is how and why it is so precious, such a ‘sacrament of the altar’ indeed….love your own poetry-writing soul today g.f.s…

  2. I love these images. Through the eyes of a child, the world has not yet reached the end of possibility. We should all look at the canvas that is life and imagine no rules (no edge to the creating). Beautiful. ~ Bobbie

    • I taught ‘portrait painting’ and ‘nature painting’ to a group of Brownies…..and for me, my biggest ‘job’ was to create that safe space where art is a beautiful act, and all finished products become gifts of the heart….may your students feel you dissolving edges Bobbie…..

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