our capacity to be fully human

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It takes a thousand moments of remembering for us to stay open long enough to relate wholeheartedly to our past instead of from it. And to recognize that what you imagined to be unworkable is already in process. As we watch again and again the story of our life unfolding, the repetition of, and nonresistance to, the passing show allows us to see it in a slightly less subjective manner. We start to take our life less personally. Ironically, our life seems less sure than we had imagined, as it becomes a more perfect teaching than we had presumed. When we project before us a world in our own image and likeness, it is called ‘small dreaming.’ It is considered small not only because it encompasses very little of our enormity but because it tends to keep us that way through life as well as death. When we sense there is something in us greater than even our sacred emptiness can describe first our body, then our mind, and soon our heart, dissolve into a clarity and vastness for which even the word God would be insufficient. We experience the indescribable peace that arises from the heart of the unnameable truth. This is the big dream in which we awake to the nature of our sleepiness, and know that our life is not defined by its experiences but by the heart that receives them……Stephen Levine

our best moments find us….with forgiveness, self-compassion, courage, and generosity as tools on our path, we begin to find the difference between life living around us vs. us living life as a nurturing wholeness, beginning again each day….may we risk the failure that cannot fail…..

To nourish the soul means to become kinder, more compassionate, wiser, and more loving, often through the making of difficult choices that foster growth rather than safety. The nourishment and growth of the soul is the very reason for human life. When we nourish the soul we nourish God, increasing the abundance of the life that we can see and the levels of the life that we don’t see at all. In a larger sense, soul is the substance of the universe, knowing itself and growing itself…..Joan Borysenko

may you remember

Find your true path. It’s so easy to become someone we don’t want to be, without even realizing it’s happening. We are created by the choices we make every day. I believe that we’re here to contribute love to the planet- each of us in our own way. To nourish your soul, you’ve got to do what you do out of love. Of course, people will argue that they can’t possibly change jobs because of expenses or insurance or the state of the economy, and I have 2 responses. Find something in your life- whether it’s volunteer work or painting or writing poetry- about which you can say, ‘This is my joy.’ The other key is to recognize that if you don’t like your life and if you can’t change your external circumstances at this point, you can change your attitude toward your life. You can say, ‘All right, I choose to be happy.’ When you go about your life with this attitude, you’ll find that your circumstances do begin to change. When you wake up and act like a loving person, you realize not only that you’re altered, but that the people around you are also transformed, because everybody is changed by the reception of  this love…..Bernie Siegel

5 thoughts on “our capacity to be fully human

  1. Finding our truth path get clouded by the barrage of media day after day. It is important to step away from all that literally ‘programming’ in order to find our purpose. It is not hard to imagine cradle to grave without a thought of the true self. One could argue this is deliberate … Regardless of why, it is a free will universe, if we don’t live our lives someone will do it for us. May you find time to think freely today …

    • this awakeness, aliveness, feelingness, is a such a treasured gift……when I see it in that way, I reconnect to it every time…..to live out loud….yes, and contributing love as Seigel says….may you know love and free will entwining today g.f.s….

  2. My favorite line – our best moments find us. Indeed, they are all ‘the best’ for they find us when we need them most. Even in sorrow, we are reminded to heal. Scars are but the memory of trust. Some would argue fate chooses us, but we choose. We always choose. The sky churns bluest while we watch. Open arms are always filled with love. ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • ‘scars are but the memory of trust’….ohhh yes lady……and these little weights on our hearts turn to gold, giving us a glow of heaven…..open wide and shine Bobbie….

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