a profound risk of contentment

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Learning to love differently is hard,

love with the hands wide open,

love with the doors hanging on their hinges,

the cupboard unlocked,

the wind roaring and whimpering in the rooms

rustling the sheets and snapping the blinds,

that thwack like rubber bands

in an open palm.

…Marge Piercy

releasing allows emerging…..yes, we know this…..but emerging unmasked is sudden, disassociative and seemingly unkind…..we seek acceptance along the wrong paths at times…..disoriented and full of longing, we ask for wholeness……our illusions give us time to emerge……

Wholeness is not an easy path. It’s always easier to address the most familiar parts of our nature. If we are at home in the thinking realm, then meditation will probably attract us as a comfortable spiritual practice. If we are naturally intrigued with our psychological makeup, then the realm of the heart will call. If our body already feels like the soul’s home, then we will resonate with the kind of spiritual work that involves movement, sensuality, and nature. It is good to find practices where our soul feels at home. It is a delight. And it is also good to push ourselves into new territory, to take risks and to reach toward wholeness. When we undertake the journey toward wholeness, we need to be on the lookout for that neurotic person that Jung described as one-sided- ‘someone who over-emphasizes one side of his personality to avoid dealing with the other.’ That person is us. While it may not be easy, the path of spiritual wholeness ultimately leads to deep happiness and fuller aliveness. Probably the most difficult part of such a path is knowing the difference between superficial dabbling and a well-rounded search…..Elizabeth Lesser

a memory finds us…..

I was visiting a dear friend in New Hampshire. We were in a gallery when I came upon a triptych, a compelling etching by J. Ann Eldridge, entitled ‘My Religion Has Something to Do with Compost.’ It spoke to me immediately. For aren’t we all ground over time to what matters, unrecognizable and richer for it? It seems very little actually happens the first time around. Until we are worn to the smallest part of beauty, the smallest part of truth. Isn’t this the way? In time, the mountain trying to reach the sky crumbles softly to join the sea. In time, we outlive our ambitions, happy to land as the grain of sand a small fish mouths. Eventually, when moved to be still way inside, I somehow open like an iris no one sees and a tear falls within, nowhere to be found, though it sends being through my blood into my arms, into my hands, into my very fingers. Then, I am compelled to barely touch anything coming alive: the closed eye of a dog sleeping or the bluebird egg waiting to hatch. Then, I am refreshed by snow quieting the gash in the earth and the snow-like silence coating the wound in my heart……Mark Nepo

10 thoughts on “a profound risk of contentment

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  2. A profound risk of contentment is a perfect opening line for our lives. It is so easy, and it is even encouraged to to remain content with our lot, to not risk stepping out into the rain and snow. That we might catch cold, or lose our way without a GPS … To learn to navigate we need to risk losing our way, to soar with the birds we need to risk falling. May there be wind for you sails today, new lands to discover …

    • love to feel the wings on my feet….stirring….lifting…..what can the day bring? such a wonderful gift to feel that butterfly feeling, that calling to rediscover this life over and over……love your spark, your winged words g.f.s….

  3. My favorite line ~ our illusions give us time to emerge. How do we know our place – or the ways we are sure to find – were there better light or a longer day, or one less reason to stay in place?

    In our fearless seeking (with eyes shut or open) we realize the beauty of the place we were always moving toward. Let us risk the fall and sail into the wind – a memory of almost falling before….. Love to you. May your becoming be slow and with flled with wonder. 🙂 ~ Always, Bobbie

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