a sustainable love


Real relationship is an ever-evolving, shared creative journey. When we engage in the creative work of relationship- we not only gain in experience and insight, but over time we model the unique potential of continuing collaborative creativity in a way that can have powerful and positive effects on others. Enduring, loving marriages and friendships top the list because they model for others the ability to deal with crisis rather than dissolve with it. They also model the way in which relationships can grow, mature, and evolve with emotional intimacy, loyalty, and collaborative creativity. When a relationship is experienced in part as an opportunity for further self-discovery, adding to an established base of self-understanding, it provides both a loving and creative experience; through this kind of intimacy we discover something new about ourselves……..Gene Cohen

and this love is where we know love…and this intimate acceptance speaks of the opening of roses from bud to bloom….and this unspoken knowing revels in its vulnerable trust……may you dance into tender fiestas, those flourishes of sweet living…..

In the refuge of your eyes,

there can be no compromise

with truth. The ruthless

mind may dig to find

what’s lacking, but we

are the love we long for.

This outpouring of the heart,

no end, and no beginning,

bigger than our deepest fear,

fresh and clear in every moment-

it’s love that makes us whole.

…..Danna Faulds

come sit awhile

The feminine mystery lives now.

Its energies are concentrated

on what is happening in this moment:

the scent of wet pine,

a hesitant hand.

The feminine does not save itself

for some glorious moment

in the future,

does not grieve over a lost moment

in the past.

It holds nothing back.

Now is all there is.

…..M. Woodman & J. Mellick

4 thoughts on “a sustainable love

  1. With the Beloved’s water of life, no illness remains
    In the Beloved’s rose garden of union, no thorn remains.
    They say there is a window from one heart to another
    How can there be a window where no wall remains?
    From Thief of Sleep
    by Shahram Shiva

  2. Yes, only this……..only these of all we know. In this moment, our eternity is wreathed by the scent of roses, evergreen. Lifetimes have passed quietly to converge in this one – this love – this best ever love. They told once of ways we would come, and love brought us safe. In this, we are known only by our love. ~ I love this, my friend. May the day show that you are known more by your love than by name. ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • as nature holds our lives with breath so does love hold our hearts with little nuances…..what a gift it is to give this love….sending love to you today Bobbie…

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