who rises, day after day?


She could never go back

and make some of the details pretty.

All she could do was move forward

and make the whole beautiful.

…Terri St. Cloud

we are wiped clean again and again with change….what is of vital importance is forgotten….everything except beingness…..there is no guide to being wholehearted, no 7 steps, no get-it-right-quick-scheme for pure joy…..just the sweet, gentle tugging of movement through shadows, opening us and calling us to remember who we really are….

If nothing else, being older gives us permission to admit the inevitability of our fallibility. It allows us to savor the very human joy of accepting our own limitations. This merciful act of self-forgiveness, besides helping us be more at ease with ourselves, spotlights a noteworthy truism: the spiritual Search is not a search for therapeutic cure or personality improvement. The immediate goal of the Search is simply to find a spiritual teaching you are comfortable with, and to follow it with all you heart. How do we recognize such teaching? During the course of our lives we’ve all been touched by sublime influences that leave indelible marks on our sensitivities. At such moments we realize that our customary life is by no means our real life, and that there is a quickened, magical state of being hovering just above the rim of our everyday awareness. ‘There have been striking events that have stood forth in our memory as impressive markers of our inner life,’ writes Ira Progoff. ‘In our view of them they possessed qualities that set them apart as distinct moments in our experience. Each of them was so intense or dramatic that we thought of it as being unique and self-contained at the time. Now we see the connection of these events to one another, observing how a theme is carried in a particular experience, then dropped, and after some passage of time, resumes its development in another event.’ Such ‘encounters with significance,’ as G.K. Chesterton dubbed them, leave a deposit inside us, a gathering of charged and enduring memories. They accumulate and they form a kind of center of gravity inside us that acts as a ‘receiving station’ for higher influences; so that when the Call does come, it is this center that is able to hear it and respond. We realize that something of the Eternal is summoning us…..Harry Moody

trying out aging

Life lasts only a moment. Then another moment arises and dissolves into the flow. We live our life from instant to instant never knowing what the next unfolding will provide. But then something in all this catches our eye. We realize that every experience of our lifetime has been impermanent, except one. That there is an unchanging spaciousness in which all our changes float. From the moment that we became aware we were aware, there has been a single constant no matter what else was happening. When we look directly at this sense of suchness, when we enter it, when we sit quietly within it, we discover that it is endless. Anything that can die, will. That which cannot, won’t. Find out for yourself how to take the teaching from each of these aspects of being and how to integrate the whole into a heart that cares and serves. That which is impermanent attracts compassion. That which is not provides wisdom……Stephen Levine

6 thoughts on “who rises, day after day?

  1. In our lives, we are given literally hundreds and hundreds of chances and do-overs. A myriad of opportunities to create anew the blossoms, the path, the destination within the knowledge of our ways letting go. ~ How sweet this becoming, remembering the light for the first time (every time). ~ Love to you, my friend. ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • …..like beach glass, I love the feeling of discovering little treasured moments scattered throughout my life….and then when I realize that I can create them by choice, that’s always like coming home….sending you a million poems Bobbie, lit up like glass under sky…..

  2. The artist speaks to us through time in a language that is universal to the mind, yet mis interpreted by the times in which it is found. Unless we let go of the the dogma of our current generation, we lose the wonderful gifts left for us by all those who came before … May the colors of the day reveal the messages of the ages, and your ears hear the volumes of music sent to us through time …

    • compassion and wisdom….the lessons that reverberate within….this life of creative action is forever tumbling…may you feel the echoes of your ancestors within all that you create g.f.s…..

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