we cannot look into the sun


Few are those who see with their own eyes

and feel with their own hearts.

….Albert Einstein

lost and found so many times now….how can we find our way, reel in hope and listen more deeply? befriending the heart cannot be forced or willed or chosen or belittled….hold closely to the night, awash with no end and no beginning…rest, simply rest…..

Lying in this place, under heaven, the weight of the light coming from the stars in me to the earth as surely as a butterfly is pinned to a display box. Lying here in this place, on this spot, affixed yet floating, I submit to the law of silence that seals the earth as love letter and sends it hurtling through space on its mysterious mission. Lying on the earth, glued to its grassy skin by the sweat of my own body, I obey the weight of silence pressing me closer to the envelope. Lying in the silence of necessity, I complete the emblematic. Separation is the myth, isolation the unreal. A distinct and utter Yes is spoken by this silence that resonates in and around all that I am, permeating everything from atoms to organs, from Adam to resurrection. Lying silently, Silence silences my incessant questions and bathes them in the soothing stream of silence. I am cleansed……Cheryl Sanders-Sardello

can’t really outrun the heart

For me, finding where I fit in the world feels a lot like spiritual fishing. The vast, mysterious ocean of experience keeps calling, and whether it is by buckets of question or nets of honesty, I keep hauling up food from the days. I keep hauling in shells and pearls and seaweed from a common depth that no one can see, and then I spend time cleaning what I’ve found and hearing what it has to say. In this way, everyone alive must fish, and this requires stillness and patience and a willingness to drift. For we never know where deep things live. Even our effort to know ourselves resembles this process, for much of who we are lives cleanly below the surface, and we each must be nourished from what lives below, if we are to survive. In truth, every person I have ever loved and every path I have been called to has shown itself to me after fishing in the waters of my spirit, which, entered deep enough, is the ocean of all spirit. I believe we are all connected there, and only by this communion- of bringing up and taking in what lives within us- can we hope to uncover our common purpose of being. In committing to this honest practice, wisdom becomes that very good net of mindful heart, through which we rinse and claim the smallest of shells, those hidden casings that hold both food and pearls….Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “we cannot look into the sun

  1. What cosmic fire moves through the portal of the sun? Ten thousand stars whose light is connected with our own. No, we can not look into the sun, unless the sun is looking back into us … May the clear light of creation shine through your heart today …

  2. Regardless of what we might or might not understand, the truth is held within our first breath. If we’re careful, we keep it and we lose it. Becoming the way we’ve wandered – reaching the stars we made some other time. Rest, yes, that is it………to breathe, to rest, to know. ~ May you find sweetly (extra sweetly) the places tethered by dream. ~ Always love, Bobbie

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