when we dare to risk


Conscious attention shows us the world with ruthless sincerity, stripped of the illusions and the fabrications with which we usually clothe it. Our dreams and nightmares vanish: we are awake. At a basic level, conscious attention is a therapeutic tool. Being conscious in the here and now encourages us to see the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. This attitude- rater than a lengthy analysis- is a powerful way of dispelling anxieties and obsessions. The great protagonist within us, cynic or moralist, rational or romantic, cheerful or depressed, steps aside. Then life appears as if seen through the eyes of a child waking up from sleep, innocent. When we free ourselves of stereotypes and abstractions, we live in a richer and more interesting world…..Piero Ferrucci

to be in the know about how to wake closer to the heart is elusive and vague when we give away our lives…..our sweetness aligns with the honesty of breath, with the loves that touch us deeply and with roots that cannot be denied….our truths are alive….

I should be content

to look at a mountain

for what it is

and not as a comment

on my life.

….David Ignatow

the blues get ya down….

When we fall out of clarity and authenticity, as we inevitably will, there are renewable risks that can bring us back into relationship with the life around us. These constant choices to re-enter the stream of life are more plentiful than I can describe. And no matter how small they may seem, daring to take three ordinary risks will lead us away from being self-centered and back to being present and touchable, back to living and leading with our hearts- the risk to see, the risk to attend, and the risk to be touched. To be enlivened and to belong are the gifts of giving and receiving, brought forth by the renewable risks that keep the world going……Mark Nepo

4 thoughts on “when we dare to risk

  1. As ee cummings stated – This is the wonder that is keeping the stars apart – it is that mystery we seek, yet know in our hearts, and still long to discover. Being in the mountains I must remember those words, that they are and are not comments … May the waters reveal their message to you and your day be filled with moments …

    • ……and poetry is so exquisitely rich because of its magical expansion of words…contacting the mountain directly….thank you for calling up the water & sky g.f.s…..

  2. Love this, and a reminder of the risks we must be willing to take. I might even add a couple more – the risk to fall, the risk to fly, and the risk to forget everything. To bring light from the darkness and find story written in places we never thought could hold. ~ May leaves fall softly as poetry to your path, my friend. ~ Ever, Bobbie

    • I feel the crispy passing leaves, hear the heartfelt song of time passing, and sense the need to move into changing skies…..I pause, and ‘forget everything’…..may new stories wash the season clean Bobbie….

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