underneath the treasures of being


Happiness is our very nature. It comes from the constant letting go of what causes suffering. It seems to come to those who dive deeply into life, into the investigation of being itself. As we grow, we become like a man crossing a frozen lake in spring, learning to walk lightly. As the ice begins to thaw, the going becomes more precarious. And we learn to distribute our weight in a more balanced manner so that our density is well dispersed, rather than concentrated on a single thin area through which we will fall if we are not mindful. Examining the possibility of walking lightly in this world is the recognition that life need not be suffering, need not be grasping. We begin to make an art of life, to walk, as the American Indian said, in ‘a sacred manner,’ to develop a reverence for life which does not seek self-satisfaction, but simply is as it is, edgeless and unending, containing everything, lacking nothing…..Stephen Levine

who are we? we dream of tunneling out the other side of life into warm, grassy meadows, heaven’s gate and old comforts…..profoundly attached to ideals and values, we miss the presence of who we really are……the small and transcendent self awaits…..

Presence is not some exotic state that we need to search for or manufacture. In the simplest terms, it is the felt sense of wakefulness, openness, and tenderness that arises when we are fully here and now with our experience. Presence is the awareness that is intrinsic to our nature. It is immediate and embodied, perceived through our senses. Our wakefulness is the basic consciousness that is aware of what is happening, the intelligence that recognizes the changing flow of moment-by-moment experience- the sounds that are here around us, the sensations of our body, our thoughts. It is the knowing quality of awareness. Our openness is the space of awareness in which life takes place. This awareness does not oppose our experience, or evaluate it in any way. And awareness has a natural sensitivity and the capacity to express warmth. This responsiveness is what I call tenderness. Our tenderness allows us to respond with compassion, love, and awe to whatever arises, in all its beauty and sorrow. Our longing to live fully- from our beingness- calls us home to this natural presence. Our realization of truth arises from the lucidity of presence. Love flows from the receptivity of presence. Aliveness and creativity flower when we inhabit the openness of presence. All that we cherish is already here, sourced in presence. Each time we cry out for help, our longing can remind us to turn toward our true refuge, toward the healing and freedom of natural presence…….Tara Brach

pure surrender

Why is there being rather than nothing?

That is the question.

…Martin Heidegger

4 thoughts on “underneath the treasures of being

  1. We dream of a life without the work that we came here to do. What paradox we create in our unending desire for experience. Would we only choose to live as we intneded, the world would change in a fortnight and peace would reign …May your life unfold with ease and intention this day

    • we have endless and wonderful distractions…..but nothing could be further from our ideal….we need a life that feeds us……good work….that blends the flow of ease with strong intention….indeed, the presence of full attention….blessings in your full-on living today g.f.s…

  2. I am convinced that much of our ‘coming and going’ are merely questions awaiting answers. I’ve a thought that if we are stuck in a place, it only means we must pay more attention. The reason is there (we are there)…. It may be as simple as crossing the road, or as sweet as a voice on the ethers calling us back to home. Let us linger over those things that take our time and our sweat. Let us find the message we are meant to find……..a truth bigger than the wait. ~ Love to you. ~ Bobbie

    • I wonder too about our ‘constant life in motion’…..so many answers in the pause in-between….I love being called home…..may you hear that sweet voice today Bobbie….

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