what does it mean to live deep into life?


‘The elder differs significantly from the rather rigid, authoritarian picture that many of us have of the elderly,’ says June Singer. ‘The conventional older person, whom Jungians call the senex, generally resists change, holds on to power tight-fistedly, and frequently imposes his knowledge on others unsolicited. The elder, on the other hand, is flexible, unattached to outcomes, tolerant and patient, and willing to teach when asked. Unlike the king who wields temporal power, the elder need not impose wisdom on others. Elders recognize that traditions constantly must evolve to avoid stagnation and the excessive veneration of the past that destroys creativity and intellectual curiosity. Being in the presence of someone who has awakened the elder archetype is like taking an elevator to the top floor of a skyscraper where there is a revolving restaurant. Sipping a cup of tea as the restaurant makes an unhurried revolution every hour, we contemplate the landscape for miles in each direction because of our enlarged perspective. When we return to the hustle and bustle of life below, we carry this wider vision into our daily transactions……Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

what does it mean to grow young? to shape into a new fearlessness, a new vitality, a new kind of trust?……a new spark of integrity that is fierce in its practice of authentic alignment shows up at a certain time in our lives…..no time to waste…..show up, integrate and live….

In ‘The Wheel of Time,’ Carlos Castaneda said, ‘To be young and vital is nothing. To be old and vital is sorcery.’ How do we vigilantly sustain and conserve our vitality as we grow older? Stagnation, despair, boredom, loneliness, or indifference may signal that our generative energy is blocked. These experiences are referred to as acedia, meaning ‘not caring’ or sour. What aspects of our lives are asking us to reconnect to the creative fire? How many projects have we completed in our lives? Which ones are unfinished? What have we contributed to our world, our community, and our family that makes a difference? What experience and wisdom will be irrevocably lost if we fail to transmit it? Where do we expend our energy in meaningful work? In what ways do we bring beauty into the world by what we create or generate? Our work here is to connect with beauty, a major source of creativity and generativity. Beauty feeds the soul, and the soul feeds the creative fire….Angeles Arrien

 a darkness that drapes like velvet

I rode rodeo for five years, had my own welding business, even ran a doughnut shop until the war came and they started rationing oil and sugar. I’ve dabbled a little in just about everything. I’d always had a hankering to get my hands into some clay, but I didn’t get a chance until now. I turned 89 and opened up a ceramics studio. Lots of people come to my shop, work on their projects, and have a good time. Meanwhile, I’m making a few dollars, and my supplies are all paid for. You can’t beat that. I just don’t believe in retirement…….Ben Rail, 92 yrs. old

Today is the 2 year Anniversary of this Blog……

May it continue to serve……

Thank you…..With Deep Gratitude…..

8 thoughts on “what does it mean to live deep into life?

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary, may your wisdom continue to be elder … We should dabble in many things, fix our own cars, remodel our own houses, dig rich earth gardens, build boats, sail the seven seas, write richly of heart matters, make music, speak music, talk in tongues, and dream new life into being … No we don’t retire, or at least we shouldn’t, we should just get the time we need to do the things we put off because we were not yet wise enough to let the world off our shoulders…

  2. Happy Anniversary love! May you receive as many blessings in your offering as we all receive from your daily gems…xo

    • thank you!….wonderful to be sharing this journey with you……your work is so inspiring, fresh and true……savor this discovery time……

  3. ….and in the sharing, our paths are blessed as one. Thank you for this, and for the reminder that life is more than living – truth more than we imagine and always less than love. May your light shine brighter upon the waves you leave behind. ~ Always, Bobbie

    • ….I melt into the teachings of knowing that I don’t always have to be ‘in control’…..that I can listen for guidance….finding that wise elder that creates space first……with you in poetry shared Bobbie….

  4. and a smile across the miles
    for your anniversary…I have no doubt
    as you wish to serve,
    your thoughts will be heard….
    Take care…You Matter…

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