a fresh view from the inner elder

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The Sufis say that real truth is always spoken with love. Can we approach ourselves with kindness, may we be loving and gentle with ourselves, with our clumsiness, with our slowness to change, with our habits, with our tender hearts?……Wayne Muller

‘they’ say aging gracefully requires a lot of humor and a new kind of humility…..maybe it’s more about stepping up our authenticity, shifting into a new pace that fits changing needs and daring to live out a dream or two…..to live the flaws as if they were finely aged jewels…

Pat explained to me that as she aged she began to identify with an old, flawed bowl of her mother’s, seeing her life reflected in it. She said, ‘It’s like me. I’ve got some definite character marks from life, too.’ It’s true- life marks us both externally and interiorly if we really live it. Flaws and inadequacies come with the territory of being human. My flaws are some of my greatest treasures, like grains of sand in oyster shells that must grate and irritate to become pearls. My imperfections keep my ego in check. They help me to be more understanding and compassionate with the inadequacies of others. They also give me the opportunity to continue to grow and change. Many times my inadequacies are what give the real flavor to my life. Accepting our less-than-perfect selves is one of those big hurdles that we need to face to mature on the spiritual path. While it is essential for us to continually grow into more loving persons, it is equally important for us to value and accept who we are……Joyce Rupp

to be who we know to be

Am I no longer young,
and still not half-perfect?
Let me keep my mind on what matters,
which is my work,
which is mostly standing still
and learning to be astonished.
……Mary Oliver

4 thoughts on “a fresh view from the inner elder

  1. The limbs shed from the aged oak do not show weakness, but rather the outworn necessities of youth. Age should maintain the truth, and let got of the weight it no longer needs to carry … Good advice, I should learn to believe. May you autumn days find you astonished at their colors …

    • ….and to ease up on our expectations of ourselves….knowing that the flawed bowl is much more interesting, warm, and needed…..feel cherished g.f.s…..

  2. I’ve had this conversation just recently with a dear friend. We were talking about the things we choose not to waste our time on. Not that they are really wastes, but as you get older, you seek out the moments that will sit soft upon your soul (the authenticity you speak of). Maybe it’s a subtle choice of what we keep, or maybe it’s an unsaid understanding that the leaves are falling soft into the snow – and the road to home, not as long as once it was. Regardless, it is a sweet unremembering of all we thought dear into one we’ve become with a season of love. *sigh* I love this, blue………. May leaves cover you red. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • love this idea of ‘unremembering’…..and getting closer to the bone is bittersweet…sometimes it feels like a profound letting go, knowing we really don’t need so much……the paradox of emptying to fill the well…..may you be blessed with knowing and unforgetting Bobbie…

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