where devotion meets doubt

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I cannot tell you how surprised I was the first time I felt my heart begin to warm. It was real warmth too, not imaginary, and it felt as if it were actually on fire. I was astonished at the way the heat surged up, and how this new sensation brought great and unexpected comfort. I had to keep feeling my breast to to make sure there was no physical reason for it! But once I realized that it came entirely from within, that this fire of love had no cause, material or sinful, but was the gift of my Maker, I was absolutely delighted, and wanted my love to be even greater. And this longing was all the more urgent because of the delightful effect and the interior sweetness which the spiritual flame fed into my soul…..Rolle

this odyssey of faith shows us the precise point where we let go…a fixed principle loosens its grip on us when we shift attention to soul work rather than life work…something bigger then allows our fears to settle……like a labyrinth, soul meets faith mid-maze…..

Devotion is the rediscovery of the heart. It entails removing all emotional clutter and finding the purest spring of feeling. It is also the realization that beneath all our fragmentary desires lies a fundamental need- the longing for that which transcends us. Devotion is a basic human affection. As always, a spiritual Way begins from a primary aspect of our being. We start from a feeling of love and faithfulness. None of the ways toward the Self is more direct and more explicit in its direction- to love the Spirit, to desire it, to think it at all moments, to give oneself to it totally. This attitude perpetuates itself: Love expressed to the source of all good produces warmth, conviction, enthusiasm, and certainty. It is a virtuous circle. Devotion shows us that reaching the Self is in no way in artificial operation; rather, it is supremely natural. To be faithful to another- whether a person, principle, or divinity- means being faithful to oneself, transparent to oneself…….Piero Ferrucci

ascent or descent & why

Faith is a gift of spirit that allows the soul to remain attached to its own unfolding. When faith is soulful, it is always planted in the soil of wonder and questioning. It isn’t a defensive and anxious holding on to certain objects of belief, because doubt, as its shadow, can be brought into a faith that is fully mature. Imagine a trust in yourself, or another person, or in life itself, that doesn’t need to be proved and demonstrated, that is able to contain uncertainty. We can keep faith in a bubble of belief so that we don’t see it having direct relevance in day-to-day living. I’ve worked with people who are very devoted to religion and pride themselves on their faith. But they have no trust in themselves, and they don’t entrust themselves to life. In fact, they use their belief system to keep life at a distance. Belief can be fixed and unchanging, but faith is almost always a response to the presence of the angel, like the one who stirs the waters. We learn that faith comes not only from the spiritual life and from high revelations, it also comes as an emanation from the depths, a starkly impersonal reality from the most personal place…..Thomas Moore

2 thoughts on “where devotion meets doubt

  1. As we grow in our knowing (our unknowing), it’s amazing to feel beyond what at once we imagined of physical light. About the same size as a sparrow, how wonderful to realize that the soul (the heart) is not afraid to soar…….. Love this beautiful simple truth…… ~ Ever, Bobbie

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