masks & spooky stories

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The thing that is really hard, and really amazing,

is giving up on being perfect

and beginning the work of becoming yourself.

….Anna Quindlen

the dare of the dark to live

We speak of ‘spirituality and healing’ as if the only way to render a proper religious respect to the body is somehow to treat it ‘spiritually.’ It could be argued just as appropriately (and perhaps less dangerously) that the way to respect the body fully is to honor fully its materiality. In saying this, I intend no reduction. I do not doubt the reality of the experience and knowledge we call ‘spiritual’ any more than I doubt the reality of so-called physical experience. But I strongly doubt the advantage, and even the possibility, of separating these two realities. Our bodies are involved in the world. Their needs and desires and pleasures are physical. The body, ‘fearfully and wonderfully made,’ is ultimately mysterious both in itself and in its dependences. The distinction between the physical and the spiritual is, I believe, false. A much more valid distinction, and one that we need urgently to learn to make, is that between the organic and the mechanical. This dualism reduces physical reality, and it does so by removing its mystery from it, by dividing it absolutely from what dualistic thinkers have understood as spiritual or mental reality. The theory of the relative unimportance of physical reality has put itself in action by means of a metaphor by which the body is understood as a machine. If the body is a machine, then it must follow that the mind is a machine for thinking. The world of efficiency ignores both loves, earthly and divine, because by definition it must reduce experience to computation, particularity to abstraction, and mystery to a small comprehensibility. In the world of love, things separated by efficiency and specialization strive to come back together. The world of love does not admit the principle of the interchangeability of parts……..Wendell Berry

On this Hallow’s Eve, as we put on our masks, may we honor the real, the home of love, and the intimate connections that defy definition and duality…..let us immerse in the world of children, free to be whatever we must be in this moment…..

It’s not so much the act of authenticity that challenges the status quo- I think of it as the audacity of authenticity. When we choose to be true to ourselves, the people around us will struggle to make sense of how and why we are changing. As we struggle to be authentic and brave, it’s important to remember that cruelty always hurts, even if the criticisms are untrue. Courage is telling our story, not being immune to criticism. Staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection……Brene Brown

6 thoughts on “masks & spooky stories

  1. Authenticity is often found when taking off one mask, the one we wear every day, to put on another, the one we would dream into our lives … May the borders of the nether realms pass near enough to shine through on this hallowed eve …

    • it’s as if we can’t be naked for a moment…..too risky….too true…..too vulnerable…..may your real life be worn proudly, a beautiful mask adorned with truth……Happy Halloween g.f.s….

  2. To be one and another – different, the same. Let us recognize the truth that goes with us (regardless of where we go)……….roads that haven’t changed so much. ~ Love, Bobbie

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