mingling in the halls of gratitude & longing

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The supreme purpose & goal for human life

is to cultivate love.


as we nurture and tend to the heart, we harvest our blessings, come clean with our grievances and soften our sufferings…..may you know abundance as you know love…

Gratitude deflates the barriers to love, and evokes happiness, which is itself a powerfully healing and beneficial emotion. Gratitude is a gift to everyone. While forgiveness heals the heart of old hurts, gratitude opens it to present love. Love does no flower in a vacuum, but rather is nourished by supportive attitudes such as gratitude. Love is also the essence of emotional wisdom. Reducing the barriers to love and cultivating attitudes that support is smooth the way for our hearts to open……Roger Walsh

a feel good moment

The month of the harvest is an important milestone on our journey to loving in gratitude. The lessons of living and being human- of harvest, of letting be, and of letting go- surface in the fall as we prepare for winter and the close of the new year. What did not come to fruition, or what did not hold our interest, may reveal where we ‘tricked’ ourselves, and it shows us that it did not truly matter. We learn that what has heart and meaning for us comes into being, and that in contrast, any ambivalence or doubt we may feel often produces inconsistent results. Consider what you are harvesting in this light. Whatever we have accepted both internally and externally, we can let be. The questions to help you go deeper in the portals of gratitude…..What is strengthening? What is opening? What is softening? What is deepening?…..Angeles Arrien

4 thoughts on “mingling in the halls of gratitude & longing

  1. In our store bought world we forget about the harvest, even as a concept in cultivating the story of our lives. This thought give me pause to the look at the changes in my own life, and the thing I have watered, and taken root, are coming to fruition. Time for a harvest of hope and reconnection. Time for letting the field go fallow for a season, and watching the horizon for a rising …. Let this harvest be the time of our lives.

    • your inner elder shines a bright light…..lots to harvest, lots of sunrises….the purification of struggle releases into a warm glow of a ‘well lived life’…..heaviness lifts g.f.s….

  2. In the settling in, we find a place of comfort – a truth we might have fought with – a light burning still. It is here we understand our sweetest inheritance is more than sparkle – it is the gifts for which we have no name – that which we keep beyond the second dreaming. May the morning rest warm against your heart…… May love knock and never know to leave……… ~ Bobbie

    • so warmed by the essence of contemplative night kissing the doing day…..may we notice every swish of the warm shawl, the delicate smiles and the liquid light….all senses finding their way Bobbie…

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