the call to sacred fire


I was in darkness;

I could not see my words

 Nor the wishes of my heart.

Then suddenly there was a great light-

‘Let me into the darkness again.’

…..Stephen Crane

considering our longings and belongingness is part of time passing, a vital tool of soul wonderment…nourishing our relationships, our clarity, and our soft spots……nothing lies in between the heart and love…..may we know that each of us, heart upon heart, rolls along the same path…….journey on……

Here then is a cosmic mystery: why does one person receive ‘the Call,’ recognize it as something profound and personal and necessary, while another ignores the inner yearning entirely? One of the most compelling ways of seeing this question is through Gurdjieff’s notion of ‘magnetic center,’ a concept that corresponds roughly to what we call intellectual curiosity- but with a metaphysical twist. From childhood, this theory tells us, we are exposed to a wide range of influences. Though these influences appear to be numerous, yet are divided into 2 basic categories, A and B. A influences are those we encounter in the raw elements of everyday life- business, family, politics, food, money, education, entertainment, the whole passing parade of conventional existence. Gurdjieff asserts that A influences set the wheels of life spinning and put humanity on the move. They are the forces that ‘keep people going round and round,’ as psychiatrist Maurice Nicoll explains it, ‘always thinking they are going somewhere, toward some goal- We do not see we are living in a Hall of Mirrors and are going in no direction whatever- The mirrors are so arranged that it seems as though one were going straight ahead. Actually one is going nowhere; just round and round.’ B influences include all the inspirational and elevated impressions that have entered our consciousness over the years. They reach us from religion, art, metaphysics, philosophy, literature and poetry. They come to us in fairy tales, myth, nature, even magic; from the things we learn from wise parents, mentors, fellow seekers- from anything that ignites our sense of wonder and a nostalgia for the Infinite. Gradually they coalesce into a kind of spiritual lodestone which, being ‘magnetic,’ attracts similar influences, all of which resonate to things harmonious, ideal, and sacred. ‘If the magnetic center receives sufficient nourishment, writes Ouspensky, ‘and if there is no strong resistance on the other side’s of a man’s personality- then the magnetic center begins to influence a man’s orientation, obliging him to turn round and even to move in a certain direction.’ When the magnetic center attains sufficient force and development, a man already understands the idea of the spiritual way and he begins to look for the way. Eventually, the magnetic circle or whatever one wishes to call it- the conscience, the inner voice, the scent of the soul- grows strong enough to influence our behavior and to incline us more and more in a spiritual direction. The answer that comes back out of the deepest depths of the universe- and out of our own soul- is the Call………….Harry Moody

the search begins

I imagine that God speaks to me, saying simply,

‘I kept calling to you, and you did not come.’

And I answer quite naturally,

‘I couldn’t come until I knew

there was nowhere else to go.’

…..Florida Scott Maxwell

4 thoughts on “the call to sacred fire

  1. We are one the same and yet, none alike. Our oceans may be blue or green, dark or clear – and yet (and yet) the ripples wash around us (and through us) and we are reminded of the one (the bigger one) we love……that holds us with one of a kind tenderness. I love that last reference. God speaks to all of us. Yet, I am convinced we must be still to hear (to recognize) the voice that is love. ~ May your day be filled with swirling red remembrance. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • ….that stillness that eludes me when I lose my way…..the quiet, like embers, remains when all else fades….the dance is white, the night is blue, the dawn is red……..from the deepest depths dear Bobbie….

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