fragmented mirrors

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It is not to be learned by world-flight, running away from things, turning solitary and going apart from the world. Rather, one must learn an inner solitude, wherever or with whomsoever he may be…..Raymond Bernard Blakney

who wanders in the night, asking where do we belong? we rediscover again and again our own company, simply by asking the question, by belonging to our own wisdom, seeing wholeness instead of lack, and indulging in the miraculous………

When speaking of social and self-transcendence we are talking primarily of that life-movement that is tending toward authenticity. The individual is shedding rigid, false attitudes, culturally imposed beliefs and illusions. Be assured that such shedding cannot be identified by how life ‘looks’ externally. No mood making, pastures of saintliness, no overt acts of charity qualify us as authentic. The point of that genuineness is this: that whoever finds out what is, at the heart, good and virtuous and holds fast to it becomes whole. When I refer to ‘an individual’s good’ I mean those traits, values and qualities that reflect one’s root of humanity, individuality, one’s truest self. The entire process of expressing that good requires us to set standards for our entire life. It means knowing what is worth living for, as well as what is worth dying for. Detachment from the worlds’ ideal of ‘good’ or ‘proper’ is an absolute requisite for being and becoming one’s own. Detachment does not mean withdrawal. By detachment I mean an objectivity that allows us to live productively within society while at the same time becoming centered in that ‘bedrock of wholeness,’ called the Higher Self. Independent, whole people are often perceived as rule breakers, as standing apart. In fact, they may simply be guilty of detached, creative thinking. They look at things in fresh, unconventional ways. Eventually, particularly as wholeness gets established, these individuals serve society. They have no choice but to serve, because in actualizing they come to view society, others, as self; discern the interrelatedness of part to whole, understand that what each does makes up the quality and tone of society…….Marsha Sinetar

finding the still small voice

I’ve made a commitment to live by and work with my creative energy, pursuing a spiritual path. this is how I want my life to be- but I’d have to say I’m not secure in all of this. I feel as if this is my home in the ‘wilderness,’ my ‘desert,’ and so I just have faith in this process. Sometimes, though, I feel very vulnerable. I try to search inwardly for guidance, try to be sensitive to what I’m led to do. I’m not as good as this sounds, not always successful or disciplined, so I must stress the ‘try’ to part of my answer. I came here because I love the beauty, the silence, the depth of where I live. I want to go deeper- I’m breaking new ground, alone……study participant, monks & mystics

3 thoughts on “fragmented mirrors

  1. It is in the sensing that we acquire our sweetest knowledge; in the allowing of a moment to hold an eternity. To listen, to follow, to draw near to us the compass that is our truth. Let us be filled with blissful unremembering, my friend.

    Yeah, the firewalls have decided to let me in (but I can’t upload images). Go figure…….one trade for the light of another sun. ~ Love ever, Bobbie

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