in search of a golden echo


God, being Love is also happiness.

And it is happiness I seek today.

…A Course in Miracles

so hungry we are……all of this trying…. all of this stumbling…..we never really become less human, we just forget…..presence in the eternal, shape-shifts our roaming…..feast here, in the days of wine and bread…….may we offer our home, our food to the inner light….

Self-healing begins with self-awareness, and transpersonal Self-awareness can be viewed as a source of healing within each one of us. When we are willing to pay attention to inner experience we become capable of conscious self-regulation. Without self-awareness, attempts at self-control are likely to be unsuccessful in the long run, and may even be damaging. We must know ourselves and accept ourselves before attempting to manipulate ourselves for the purpose of changes we think are desirable. To understand all is to forgive all, and forgiving ourselves for being just as we are is the first step to healing……Frances Vaughan

vitality and despair

I entered the life of the brown forest.

And the great life of the ancient peaks,

the patience of stone, I felt the changes in the veins

In the throat of the mountain,

a grain in many centuries, we have our own time,

not yours; and I was the stream

Draining the mountain wood; and I the stag drinking;

and I was the stars,

Boiling with light, wandering alone, each one

the lord of his own summit;

and I was the darkness

Outside the stars, I included them

they were part of me.

I was mankind also, a moving lichen

On the cheek of the round stone-

they have not made words for it,

to go behind things, beyond hours and ages,

And be all things in all time

in their returns and passages,

in the motionless and timeless center.

….Robinson Jeffers

2 thoughts on “in search of a golden echo

  1. Absolutely love this, Blue! All of this stumbling indeed. Maybe it’s just a practice in dance or a moment to look down into the quiet fields where diamonds bloom…….. To take in and let loose; to know and forget and know again. To love – like we never dreamed we could know how. *sigh* I love this……… ~ Bobbie

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