reigniting our humanness


Imagination is the living power and prime agent of all human perception,

and is a repetition in the finite mind

of the eternal act of creation in the infinite I am.

….Samuel Taylor Coleridge

and we say to the sky, hold me….and we say to the trees, set me free…..and we say to the moon, find me….and we say to the river, I move too…..and we say to one another, I know myself, therefore I know you……

We draw more grace into our lives by recognizing where it is already there and feeling gratitude for it in all of its forms. We feel gratitude for the light beings that show up and work through other people in our lives- family members, friends old and new- light beings that sometimes show up as a reflection of where we are already healed, where we have already cleared our karma, and who other times show up in spite of our ‘otherwise’ woundedness and karma, light beings who have changed our karma for us through their choices, light beings who perhaps are one of our friends or family members or someone else in our lives. We feel gratitude for the grace that is our free will and is our innate ability to continually reinvent our self and the way we see and experience reality. We feel gratitude that our free will can be stronger than our karma, that we have more power than our karma, our wounds. We do everything in our power to become more conscious right now. To Become more at cause in our lives right now. To become more healed and whole right now……..Edward Mannix

kindred light

Every culture has many soul-discovery practices. Some of them:

-Deep imagery or active imagination- inner journeys in which we interact, while awake, with the other-than-ego inhabitants of our own psyches.

-Discovery, fashioning, and use of symbols and objects- for attracting or embodying soul images.

-Composing a personal myth- understanding the events of our own lives from a larger, deeper, symbolic perspective.

-Sensitive listening and clear reflection of other people’s stories.

-Journal work- creative writing as a way to connect with our own depths and to cultivate a relationship with the Mystery.

-Talking across the species boundaries- dialogues with other-than-human beings for the purpose of becoming more fully human.

……Bill Plotkin

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