the genuine expanse of mystery

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The mystery of seeing. This is what Meister Eckhart brings for our edification. There is no skill or method to attain the act of seeing, even though the means may have value in themselves. The student of seeing has to unlock the mystery first, Eckhart tells us, and it begins—here, now—with the question of who is seeing. Until the question is raised to a new pitch, the intensity needed to undergo the mystery will be wanting. The gateway is to be found in the releasement from what Eckhart calls the ‘me and mine,’ the ego and its collection of things that define its territory. As soon as one relaxes and becomes human, endowed with a sensitivity to what is real, the peculiar role assigned to humanity in creation presents itself…….David Appelbaum

settling into the intuitive bones of our self can be surprising and full of self-discovery…no resistance, simply being in that sublime state of curiosity…..uncertainty has sweet perks…

Often our need to know shows up as a question of ‘how.’ When we’re stuck in the question of ‘how,’ we are expressing doubt in ourselves and our intuitive power to create.  This is not an argument against learning how to do something, which can, of course, be helpful, necessary, and even important. Rather, it raises the possibility that there are more expansive questions from which to generate growth. Consider that how to do it right, how to fix it, how to solve it, how to do it better, and so on should be asked later rather than sooner. We can be so quick to get practical right away that we create limitations on what we might discover if we ask instead, ‘What is possible?’ We diminish ourselves to being overly pragmatic and technical, as the artist and visionary in us gets lost…..Baron Baptiste

nestled in wonder

Live the questions now. Perhaps then, someday far in the future, you will gradually, without even noticing it, live your way into the answer…….Rilke

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