the miraculous fight for insight


It’s probably a sign of the times, but I’ve gotten some of my spiritual information from television talk shows. I remember watching Larry King interviewing a swami in the Hindu tradition. I don’t remember exactly what the swami said, but remember his demeanor was calm and unruffled. Although the phone calls from viewers were often either antagonistic or, at the very least, skeptical, the swami kept a clear and contented presence about himself, responding to each question with clarity, precision, and even quiet humor. Larry King is an interviewer known for the directness of his style and his probing questions. At one point he leaned across his desk and looked into the swami’s unblinking eyes. He said to him, ‘How did you get it so quiet in there?’ The swami replied, ‘It is quiet in there. We just all ruffle it up so much.’ Here is a test that you can now do to prove the correctness of the swami’s insight. Choose a time when you are quite alone. Make sure you’re neither hungry nor sleepy. Pick a chair you are comfortable sitting in. Sit down in it. Enjoy feeling comfortable. You can keep your eyes closed if you want, or you can open them, look around, and enjoy looking around. Enjoy feeling comfortable. Don’t do anything else but enjoy feeling comfortable. Spend at least 15 minutes enjoying feeling comfortable before you turn the next page. Then, turn the page……Sylvia Boorstein

we fall in love with life when we find its possibilities tucked away in surprising corners….we forget that we have the power to ease each other’s suffering….please know that we all are sensitive to the wise mysteries, to falling down, to rising up and falling in love again…..

Question: Do you ever doubt the truths you believe in? How do you maintain your faith?

Answer: I cherish doubt and cultivate it. I welcome the challenge of new ideas, especially those in conflict with my own. I embrace doubt to clear my mind of cherished opinions masquerading as truth. Doubt isn’t the enemy of faith, but its partner. Think of faith as a glass window looking out onto truth. Doubt is the way you keep the glass clean of distortion and distraction…..Rabbi Rami Shapiro

oh, how we struggle

The concept of a transpersonal Self, like any theoretical construct, is- considered an expedient or transitional teaching rather than a final teaching. To pursue this dimension of identity is to embark on the spiritual path. But the person who sets out on the spiritual path never arrives at the destination, because who one thinks one is turns out to be only an illusion of a separate self that ultimately dissolves into the deity, or larger whole. Identification with an expression of a transpersonal Self is an alternative to choose, an identity to seek, a value to create, and a reality to be experienced as long as one feels that one exists as a subject, separate from the world of objects….Frances Vaughan

2 thoughts on “the miraculous fight for insight

  1. How many times, to fall and rise – to reach and let go. What a sweetness it is to learn – to fall in love with life over and over – to breathe in the fragrance of dogwood for the first time, the silk of a bubble bath, the tender ring of drops into a cup, of life into the living. How sweet the taste of every day the first time. ~ Love to you always, Bobbie

    • I so resonate with your ‘joie de vivre’…….taking pleasure is an art….a noticing of all that is tender and wild…..may the bare branches dance in your imagination, creating forever poems…..sweetness to you Bobbie….

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