the shadows under angels wings


In our night-time, there’s always the electricity switched on, we watch ourselves, we get it all in the head, really. You’ve got to lapse out before you can know what sensual reality is, lapse into unknowingness, and give up your volition. You’ve got to do it. You’ve got to learn not-to-be, before you can come into being…..D.H. Lawrence

it is here, in the dark, where we romance the muse, tease the heart of soul to come out and play…..we pray for patience, for fortitude, for courage to dance with the demons of light and dark….where angels shed their wings……

The literature of creativity is full of stories of insight achieved after letting go of the search for insight, and waiting. We wait for our inner wisdom to make the connection for us, trusting that we do indeed ‘know more than we understand,’ as Alfred Adler said. This process entails acknowledging and accepting or limitations, letting go of conscious attempts to solve the problem, and doing something else while waiting for the answer to be given  to us. In studies of the creative process this is called the incubation period. When we have acknowledged our human limitations, the problem drops into the unconscious mind, that mysterious realm where Wisdom, the artificer of all, how is mobile beyond all motion, makes the needed and desired connection for us. When we are ready, willing, and able to receive the insight and deal with its consequences, she allows it to pop into our conscious mind when we least expect it. Or she allows it to dawn on us so gently that one day we simply realize it is there. This part of the creative process keeps us humble rooted in ‘humus,’ the earth out of which we are made and of which we remain a part It keeps us rooted in the reality of our creatureliness. In this creative waiting we are taught patience, and we grow in compassion for all other creatures, even the smallest, who wait with us for the new creation to be fulfilled……Christian Koontz

kissing in the dark

For thousands of years the daimon, closely related to soul, has been known as the movement or force of creation. Experienced as a personalized and intimate agency from which both angels and demons are derived, the concept of daimon is based on an acceptance that inspiration arises spontaneously during the artistic process. Daimon is a divine power that reveals itself through action. Jung described how the daimon comes to us ‘from outside, like providence,’ and we are entrusted with the ‘ethical decision.’ We choose whether or not we will cultivate the gift and enhance its flow. The daimonic view accepts the ‘I’ and its moral obligations to society. However, it also accepts the autonomy of figures in dreams, paintings, stories, and performances, and it does not always share the ego’s perspective on these multifarious and free-wheeling characters. All of our imaginal persons, including the pathological and unattractive ones, guide our actions. Artists need gnawing and goading demons to stir emotions and provoke primal expression. Their perversity is apt to stay around until we get it right……Shaun McNiff

5 thoughts on “the shadows under angels wings

  1. Also called daemons in computer parlance, they pass information back and forth from one area to another, an intermediary of sorts. In my mind this lends credence to their existence in nature, since we have encapsulated the words and giving it meaning in our own human creations. Apollonius of Tyana spoke of the Daemons as living aspects of consciousness that often helped hi find answers to life more perplexing issues … surely they visit us daily!

    • This speaks to how removing ‘the good and the bad’ brings us back to the cyclical nature of life….of how shadow work deepens our relationship to self and other…..Apollonius, quite fascinating……a healer and an alchemist of soul…..may daemons grace your craft g.f.s…..

  2. Is it not that same unremembering we spoke of before……… moving soft against inertia, spilling into the petals soft, tasting for the first time – the essence that is our name. Love this so. ~ Bobbie

    • this breath of life force within us can always be trusted….no matter how wild or unpredictable…..she knows fear for what it is and moves through… we say in yoga, root down to bloom up…..a blossoming to you Bobbie….

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