the perspicacious heart

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Realize that some people aren’t equipped to receive the full force of your love. To send it to them may throw their world into chaos. Love these people gently, with your understanding instead of your passion. And know that there are always people who receive you, in full. Don’t be attached to outcomes, or try to control or force them either. Being the best you that you can be, sincerely, compassionately, creatively, is doing your part. You don’t need to do more than that. Let the reaction of the people around you be spontaneous, mysterious, magical and something that is intuitively gained. (We can’t force anyone to love us or to feel love.) Accept that sometimes your heart’s just gonna break. It’s okay to let it…..Tanya Lee Markul

finding that authenticity, that opening that cannot be planned, that possibility, that delight in nothing and everything…..let us wake now to the anticipation, to the surrender, to the offerings, to the full illumination of moon and heart….

That day I saw beneath dark clouds,
the passing light over the water
and I heard the voice of the world speak out,
I knew then, as I had before,
life is no passing memory of what has been
nor the remaining pages in a great book
waiting to be read.
It is the opening of eyes long closed.
It is the vision of far off things
seen for the silence they hold.
It is the heart after years
of secret conversing,
speaking out loud in the clear air.
It is Moses in the desert
fallen to his knees before the lit bush.
It is the man throwing away his shoes
as if to enter heaven
and finding himself astonished,
opened at last,
fallen in love with solid ground.
……David Whyte

a collective serenity

You. Are. Not. Alone. Four of the most powerful words when put together. A phrase that can change your day, change your mindset, change your life. A phrase that I try to remind myself no matter what situation I am in. There is a big difference between being strong and looking strong, and in order to really reach your fullest potential, I believe you must have both. There will be days where you feel like you are on top of the world, unstoppable, and on-track. There will be days where you feel passionate and whole and ready to take on anything life throws your way. And then there will be days where it seems like nothing is on your side. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to reach your destination, and as though your efforts will never be enough. These are the times we must remember that we are not alone. That we have the strength within us to get through even the darkest days, and that we are all in this together. Some of the hardest fights end up yielding the best results, and oftentimes if we would have just hung on for a few more moments, we would have reached the finish line. Don’t give up. No matter what mountains you’re facing, challenges you’ve reached, or roadblocks you’ve encountered, remind yourself that you have an inner strength that is a force to be reckoned with. You have all the tools inside of you to be anything you want to be. It might not be easy, but it will always be worth it…..Macaile Hutt

6 thoughts on “the perspicacious heart

  1. wandering in the early morn
    before day is truly born
    we are drawn within the energy of words
    from great distances they are heard
    yours are within shades of Blue
    speaking in a language of a heart that is true…

    I enjoyed this energy this morning you have shared…
    beautiful feeling your words….
    Take Care…you Matter…

    • oh, this is a wonderful gift……love teaches us to always love……another amazing little paradoxical gift…..sweet little truths to you maryrose…..

  2. Detached from the outcome, is a hard lesson to learn, yet life is patient in teaching us this truth. Of course we need to plan, and of course we expect our planes to land on time, appointments to be made… But when we add emotional content to anything then the expectation must be nothing more than another sunrise, or sunset, a moment in the garden, or a long dark night… simply; Love guides us always … know this and be whole. May love guide your day …

    • this is the kind of poetic moment I can rest in….can lean into and be in the knowing……like the waxing moon, we expand into this world……all of us under the same moon g.f.s…..

  3. Eternities are captured every day. A moment stretches, and all that matters – this – this moment of everything. To love is to be ripped apart, opened wide…….poured into the possibility of one more time, one more day, one more (most beautiful) sunrise. May your day be filled with sweet eternal moments. ~ Bobbie

    • this feels like hope wrapped in each of the 4 seasons……..a subtle glimpse into living within synchronicity…sweet, quiet rain…..may the dark of this solstice month be warm and tender Bobbie….

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