autonomy, authenticity, & the auspicious soul


Do I not love myself enough to receive a connection with the windows of your soul? If one has the intuitive belief that we are all energetically connected and that an individual’s increasing conscious awareness to this energetic connection plays a vital role in the evolution of our species, then one could perhaps assume that the energetic vibrations we send off into the world help to shape, mold and influence whether we live in paradise or continue to create hell on Earth. With heightened awareness, we might learn to speak a common language beyond words — the symphonic language of this planet — with all of the elements and all of Earth’s wild and mysterious creatures. This is not to be taken as an egoic cosmic trip, but perhaps we are a key ingredient that the Universe has manifested to help create harmony. Perhaps if we achieve this, all life on this planet will too provide the most elevated energetic vibrations. Perhaps this energetic lift inspires human nature to resort to discovering their innate abilities versus burning out our bodies with fight or flight and meaningless nine to five’s. I’m talking about a place where we’d still have to do our inner work, face our demons and become sensitive to our patterns so that it can become possible for us to feel certain that we deserve to be here…….Tanya Lee Markul

maybe one day we will know ourselves enough to know we cannot fail, that becoming is about being in this world fully, that the creative soul follows intention (not talent), that harmony is self-compassionate, that love echoes…..

The visionary is the one who brings his or her voice into the world and who refuses to edit, rehearse, perform, or hide. It is the visionary who knows that the power of creativity is aligned with authenticity……Angeles Arrien

endless cartwheels

Spin your hoop, your hips, your dreams. Mountain top church every Wednesday — never you mind the unmet dreams, you still can kiss the sky. Cuddle sleeping children. Remember why you are here. Remember yourself. Remember yourself. Remember yourself. Feet to pavement, music blasting in ears, forget everything but the run. Cultivate presence. Become fierce about your autonomy. Take long drives with the windows down. Let yourself be moved. Seek out art. Surround yourself with artists, creative, deep thinkers, high divers and earth shakers of all kinds.  Accept gifts offered with whole heart, even when such acceptance is difficult. Stop behaving. Let go of what does not serve……Jeannette LeBlanc

4 thoughts on “autonomy, authenticity, & the auspicious soul

  1. Living in intention is an art, a reason many forget, when the light of youth goes out, or at least is shaded over by the must go, must do, must be adult world we learn about in school. Few are those who rebel, and rise above this false guidance. We need to allow the young teach us how to live in innocence …

    • we can hope for the strength to listen from the inner well…..coming up for a deep rebel yell…..thank you for these rich poetics……true life wisdom here g.f.s…..

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