the haunting behind longing


For compassion to develop toward a wide range of persons, mere knowledge of how beings suffer is not sufficient; there has to be a sense of closeness with regard to every being. That intimacy is established either through merely reflecting that everyone equally wants happiness and doesn’t want suffering, or through reflecting on the implications of rebirth, or both, with the one reinforcing the other….Jeffrey Hopkins

remembering our essential destiny buffers all that is uneasy, all that boxes us in, all that questions our innate wisdom……may we remember kindness and live deep in integrity…..looking from inside out……..seeking from outside in…..

There are many windows through
which we can look out into the
world, searching for meaning …
Most of us, when we ponder on the
meaning of our existence,
peer through but one of these
windows onto the world.
And even that one is often misted over
by the breath of our finite humanity.
We clear a tiny peephole and stare through.
No wonder we are confused by the
tiny fraction of a whole that we see.
It is, after all, like trying to
comprehend the panorama of the
desert or the sea through
a rolled-up newspaper.

…..Jane Goodall

humbled into reverie

The traditional and most universal word to describe a different access to truth was simply ‘to pray about something.’ But that lovely word prayer has been so deadened by pious use and misuse that we now have to describe this different mental attitude with new words. I am going to introduce a different word here, so you can perceive prayer in a fresh way, and perhaps appreciate what  we mean by contemplation. The word is resonance. Prayer is actually setting out a tuning fork. All you can really do in the spiritual life is get tuned to receive the always present message. Once you are tuned, you will receive, and it has nothing to do with worthiness or the group you belong to, but only inner resonance and a capacity for mutuality. Without prayer, the best you can do is know by comparison, calculation, and from the limited viewpoint of you. Instead of presenting a guarded self to the moment, true prayer stops defending or promoting its ideas and feelings, lets go of any antagonistic attitudes or fears, and waits for, expects, and receives guidance from Another. It is an allowing of the Big Self more than an assertion of the small self. God stops being an object of attention like any other object in the world, and becomes at some level your own I am…….Richard Rohr

2 thoughts on “the haunting behind longing

  1. For me, it’s more than knowledge of the ache – it’s appreciation for the sound that is sorrow – a remembrance of a sigh not yet died. Let us wake within the knowledge that we don’t know – that destiny waits us just beyond breakfast……… Perhaps to fill this hole within, we must open the window on our soul such that every tear falls in. May the winds of would-be destiny blow soft beneath your sweet blue kite. ~ Bobbie

    • oh my……you just catapulted me to the cradle of the moon….intimate with sorrow, I know……intimate with destiny, I am……yes, filling the well with tears… blue kite is so sweetly quiet Bobbie…….rest easy my friend….

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