the reckless endearments of the heart


Magic is available to the unfolded heart.

As these bones and heart of mine grow older, I am more and more certain that the world would be a far-happier place if we would remember why magic matters. How our hearts would transform if we allowed ourselves to reach out for something invisible, to respect and honor the inexplicable.

Children get it. Little people have an inherent ability to see magic wherever it is available (and it is available everywhere)—but as we age, we trade wonder for logic and we relinquish inspired, reckless belief for practicality.

We spend lifetimes trying to grow up, to mature, to be responsible and strong and sharp. You need to be a go-getter, a pull-up-your-bootstraps with both-feet-on-the-ground kind of human.

But this is what I have learned: it is a far-more beautiful world when we allow ourselves to see the magic.

Children help this process; the gift of seeing things again, for the first time, through unspoiled eyes.

Nature helps this process; to walk among the leaves, to feel the warm wash of the sun, to hear, feel, smell and taste that which is wild is to reconnect with the magic of existence—connected, grounded, yet remarkably free.

Music helps this process; there is unadulterated magic in music—the power to convey the indefinable.

Love helps this process; it is love, after all.

Writing helps this process; as the words bubble up from an uncharted center, there is fierce magic in the release. To free language is my favorite kind of magic.

The stars help this process; a glimpse into an ancient, endless history.

Magic is real, I’ve felt it; we need only open ourselves to its possibility.

So this is my wish for you: wherever you may find yourself, may you also find the magic.

….Sara Crolick

ohh to tap into this blissness which is really our capacity to play, our sense of curiosity, our ability to look around and see beauty…….nothing is ever lost in the wonderment of a few big-eyed possibilities……may you find yours…….

Now as to magic. It is surely absurd to hold me weak or otherwise because I choose to persist in this study in which I decided deliberately four or five years ago to make next to my poetry the most important pursuit of my life. If I had not made magic my constant study I could not have written a single word of my books. The mystical life is the center of all that I do all that I think and all that I write……W.B. Yeats

our magical heartbeat……..

The hero journey is one of the universal patterns through which that radiance shows brightly. What I think is that a good life is one hero journey after another. Over and over again, you are called to the realm of adventure, you are called to new horizons. Each time, there is the same problem: do I dare? And then if you do dare, the dangers are there, and the help also, and the fulfillment or the fiasco. There’s always the possibility of a fiasco.
But there’s also the possibility of bliss……Joseph Campbell

4 thoughts on “the reckless endearments of the heart

  1. To sit contented within this eternal moment is to understanding the magic that cannot be named, but can only be felt by the stirrings of the soul……… Let us unfold; let us fly. ~ Bobbie

  2. Magic, magik, magick … there are others yet in reality true magic is not illusion, perception is illusion, magic is truth, is the root of the bud of the thing we call love. In every on of the words Yeats penned, one can feel his quest to know truth, to find the light hidden behind the shadow, recapturing the magic of himself as a child. Kavanaugh felt it when he wrote Where have you gone little boy … Yes, we return to the place from which we started and know it for the first time … May you rise with your inner child at dawn, longing for a new day of play …

    • he so understood magic as that space of tapping into truth… the underworld of soul… elusive….only to be found in letting go… fireflies in a childhood dream… winter light at dusk… and gone…..may the shadows hold you still for a little while longer g.f.s…..

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