walking lightly, trailing soul


Each separate being in the Universe returns to a common source. Returning to the source is serenity…..Lao Tzu

shaping our unique destinies goes beyond new-age platitudes of shape-shifting our desires into realities…..it’s about honoring our place, our deep soul…..can we really know what that looks like? what do we miss along the way? what are the signs? where can we know serenity?

Trust that despite your ignorance, despite all of your conditioning and hardships, despite the dark collective shadow that covers significant masses of our existence on this planet, you are meant to be here as you. This experience is not in vain. You do have the ability to release pain, to transform the darkest parts of you into the deepest offering of healing, nourishment and transformation- for you, for those around you and for all life forms.The healing elixir exists within the poison. Your issues, your trauma, your pain can set you free. Make forgiving yourself the greatest act of courage. Make forgiving those around you, the world, the smallest sacrifice. Tap deeply into life. Invite the possibility of transforming the darkest aspects of you into something that is malleable and something that is allowed to be released. Trust beyond your current understanding that you don’t have to be swallowed by the shadows. Change your interpretation. Own your darkness like your life depends on it because it does. If you never embrace it, it will never, ever let you be. It will never, ever let any of us be. You deserve better. You are more than you’ve ever imagined possible. There’s nobody quite like you. Step into the magic of who and what you are……Tanya Lee Markul

as part of the stars……..

One way or another, our serenity requires opening ourselves to the energy of love that seems to arise like a wind out of nowhere. In essence, the air inside us is indistinguishable from the air that forms the great sky. In actual fact, who knows where the air we breathe has been, in what other creature’s lungs. Have I just inhaled the air of the hawk that killed a squirrel outside my window three nights ago? Have you just taken in the sigh of the sad dancer who sulked by you on the street? In truth, the exchange of inner and outer between living things is the endless circulation that keeps the Universe going. In this regard, the same essential quality of love exists both in and around us and, as we must inhale and exhale in order to survive, we must continually perceive and express, receive and give, open and let through. These are the psychospiritual equivalents of breathing. It can be understood as a spiritual law from which no one is exempt. We need this continual exchange in order to stay alive, and compassion is the only way to move the love that is in us out into the world, as it is the only way to bring the love that is out in the world into us………Mark Nepo

2 thoughts on “walking lightly, trailing soul

  1. I’ve come to believe that wherever I am, there is my destiny. For surely, every choice brought me here. Even the darkest nights lay sweetly against the dawn. Ahhh, there, always – my destiny.

    Love to you…. ~ Bobbie

    • I love how this serenity awakens in us when we trust…….oh if we could remember! I cherish this day because I have know those darker days…..may your pen follow your heart today Bobbie…..

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