a paradigm of longing

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We all experience within us what the Portuguese call ‘saudade,’ an inexplicable longing, an unnamed and enigmatic yearning of the soul, and it is this feeling that lives in the realms of imagination and inspiration, and is the breeding ground for the sad song, for the love song. Saudade is the desire to be transported from darkness into light, to be touched by the hand of that which is not of this world. The love song is never simply happy. It must first embrace the potential for pain. The love song must resonate with the whispers of sorrow and the echoes of grief. The writer who refuses to explore the darker reaches of the heart will never be able to write convincingly about the wonder, magic and joy of love, for just as goodness cannot be trusted unless it has breathed the same air as darkness, so within the fabric of the love song, within its melody, its lyric, one must sense an acknowledgement of its capacity for suffering……Nick Cave

this mysterious force is trance…..is cold wind coming up from fire…..is the dance of children with old souls…..is the hallelujah in the midst of revival…..is the deep pool of flawed abandonment……may you love with the fierce honor of duende…..

Lorca writes, ‘The duende is a power, not a work. It is a struggle, not a thought. I have heard an old maestro of the guitar say, ‘The duende is not in the throat; the duende climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet.’ Meaning this: it is not a question of ability, but of true, living style, of blood, of the most ancient culture, of spontaneous creation.’ He suggests, ‘Everything that has black sounds in it, has duende. This mysterious power which everyone senses and no philosopher explains is, in sum, the spirit of the earth, the same duende that scorched the heart of Nietzsche, who searched in vain for its external forms on the Rialto Bridge in the music of Bizet, without knowing that the duende he was pursuing had leaped straight from the Greek mysteries to the dancers of Cadiz or the beheaded, Donysian scream of Silverio’s siguiriya. The duende’s arrival always means a radical change in forms. It brings to old planes unknown feelings of freshness, with the quality of something newly created, like a miracle, and it produces an almost religious enthusiasm’……Christopher Maurer

laying it down…..

The beauty of souls laid bare is that we are then all naked at once, together, our sameness and our differences revealed in the glory of the truth of us…..B. Nur Cheyene

2 thoughts on “a paradigm of longing

  1. Love this…………. I suspect writers are the worst. We are forever in search of inspiration, another word much like the last (but unlike the last)….. Not something to complete us, but something (someone) who wakes to the same beat (thunder), reminding us that we are not the only one brave enough to go……… Beautiful. ~ Bobbie

    • the word perspicacity comes to mind…..the twinkling search for insights…..a sweet ramble into sweeter unknowns…..never reaching the end and sweeter for it…..Cave’s saudade is of course, the darker side of this search, yet the paradox of this search remains……only to be seen when we witness our full hearts…..I know you know and have rambled many paths dear Bobbie….

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