where rainbows hide

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Here we are, human beings, living with the consequences of having been born. We are born into a mind/body/heart process by a psychological/biological/emotional survival instinct that is out of harmony with reality. The normal condition of human beings is sleeplike state of nonwisdom. Our survival instinct, which is controlled by the mind/body, keeps alive an unrealistic hope for a life that is always pleasurable and never painful. Our survival instinct does not grant us happiness, only temporary survival. The reason that our survival instinct sometimes leads us into misery is that it runs up against the truth of impermanence. Believing in a permanent self is like believing in a permanent rainbow. Our job is to live an embodied and fully human life. Mindfulness is one of the keys. We begin to see that resistance is futile and that our only hope is to respond to the truth of life with greater acceptance and compassion. We are asked to embrace life as it is and to respond wisely to the reality we encounter. It is simply a better way to live- a way that maximizes happiness and minimizes suffering……Noah Levine

we learn how to embrace ourselves at many different places in our lives……when we allow the sensual world to guide the knowing we stop blaming and scrutinizing and overplanning….we simply recognize this awesome and wild voice of ours that feels the tightness of this life……then we see everyone else’s tightness too…..

A person has within himself three paths: What are they? The soul, the body, and the senses; and all human life is led in these. How? The soul vivifies the body and conveys the breath of life to the senses; the body draws the soul to itself and opens the senses; and the senses touch the soul and draw the body……Hildegard of Bingen

the tragedy of forgetting

When we are free of mental concepts and our senses are awake, the sounds, smells, images and vibrations we experience connect us with all life everywhere. It is not my pain, it is the earth’s pain. It is not my aliveness but simply life- unfolding and intense, mysterious and beautiful. By meeting the changing dance of sensations with Radical Acceptance, we discover our intrinsic belonging to this world. We are ‘no thing’- not limited to any passing experience- and ‘everything’- belonging to the whole. Each moment we wakefully ‘let be,’ we are home. We open to the fullness and mystery of our life. Everything is alive, the whole world lives inside us. As we let life live through us, we experience the boundless openness of our true nature……Tara Brach

2 thoughts on “where rainbows hide

  1. in shadows
    where the shade is lost
    ghosts are making rounds
    greeted by a whisper
    without sound

    all of these –
    the one you knew before
    lies awake
    some other place
    and walks
    a lonely floor

    what a sweet cost love is…..the pricing of living………..the reason to stay awake

    Love you….

    • remembering our lost selves……these ghosts gather our bits and settle them back in our hearts……you’ve offered us a beautiful, poignant gift…..may you dream of ghosts Bobbie…..

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