the infinite well of color & light

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‘In everything that yields gracefully,’ G.K. Chesterton says somewhere, ‘there must be resistance. Bows are beautiful when they bend only because they seek to remain rigid. Rigidity that slightly yields, like Justice swayed by Pity, is all the beauty of earth. Everything seeks to grow straight, and happily, nothing succeeds in so growing. Try to grow straight and life will bend you.’ The faculty of creating is never given to us all by itself. It always goes hand in hand with the gift of observation. And the true creator may be recognized by his ability always to find about him, in the commonest and humblest thing, items worthy of note. He does not have to concern himself with a beautiful landscape, he does not need to surround himself with rare and precious objects. He does not have to put forth in search of discoveries: they are always within his reach. Familiar things, things that are everywhere, attract his attention. If he slips, he will notice it; on occasion, he may draw profit from something unforeseen that a momentary lapse reveals to him. One cannot force one’s self to love; but love presupposes understanding, and in order to understand, one must exert one’s self. One does not contrive an accident: one observes it to draw inspiration therefrom. For imagination is not only the mother of caprice but the servant and handmaiden of the creative will as well. The more art is controlled, limited, worked over, the more it is free………Igor Stravinsky

any human endeavor stands under a greater mystery……sudden shafts of light and color and a twinkling eye fall down upon us, like grace, like the unknown, like the wildflowers we stumble on, suddenly remembering the miracle of all that beauty……

When we think of the creative mind, we think of the generative mind, full of ideas and brilliant new insights. But the creative mind is both full and empty. It is able to create within itself a space for the new to arise. It is a mind that is constantly opening itself to the internal and external world. The opened mind can be relaxed and playful. It is filled with curiosity and wonder. There is something childlike about it. It loves to get off the beaten track, to explore paths that are not the ones taken by social convention. The opened mind likes to play with an idea or object, and enjoys looking at it as if for the first time. It remains open to the possibility that we may not know everything there is to know- and what we do know may be wrong. Whether exploring the depths of the human soul or the depths of matter, artists, mystics, and scientists have come face-to-face with chaos and disorder. But the opened mind thrives on difference and remains open to the contradictory……..Frank Barron

daring the imagination

What really counts is to strip

the soul naked. Painting or

poetry is made as we make

love; a total embrace,

prudence thrown to the

wind, nothing held back.

…..Joan Miro

9 thoughts on “the infinite well of color & light

  1. Creativity is everywhere at once, and its beauty often hidden in the day to day, moment to moment happenings, yet it is always there, like the asphalt road pouring out of the tractor making its way across the landscape …The wind blows, the snow drifts, a sun sets on our eyes and we are at best in awe at the wheel work of the universe, and at the least captured by the round and round of life – art, work, savoring or suffering, it is our free choice, our chosen destiny … may the sunrise carry you into a day of awe and surprise …

    • ……makes me want to revel in the power of snow, the great boundless knowing, the myriad destinies we write on our hearts, and the keen observations sifting through our vision quests…..wishing you a million words for awe g.f.s….

  2. as I wandered through the trees
    I saw leaves that looked like feathers,as a few floated down to the ground
    i thought even the trees give us feather from earth angels
    and as I laid the leaves by a small stick a dragonfly was shown to me
    change the size of the leaves a butterfly appeared….
    most around here call me eccentric, eclectic …but I think I just see
    creativity is my imagination entwining with Gaia and Her many gifts …
    and how I perceive them within me….
    Wonderful post Blue….
    Take Care…You Matter

    • this arc of your soul is like the arc of the bow…..rainbows and half moons…..these are indeed gifts, and I wish you a lifetime of these little gifts whispering sweet nothings again and again… beautiful maryrose…..

      • I hadn’t thought the whisperings as sweet nothings…
        somehow I always make too much of little things…and rattle on about them
        Thank you again for your post…
        Take Care…You Matter…

  3. ……it is in the bending that we are molded, that we are remembered……..not as a rock, but as a flower……….. Life is sometimes a burden with sorrows and lessons, but it is a weight loved not for the carrying but the earning. How sweet the living that folds us……… ~ Always with love, Bobbie

    • love this notion of folding…curling in like pups nestled next to each other’s hearts….you nestle in the infinite well and weave words through sorrow and awe…..lovely you Bobbie….

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