the enchantment of our calling

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The disciple’s ear, open and attentive, can hear God speaking in the bus-queue, in the supermarket, in the conversation of a tiresomely boring or demanding person, and know instinctively how to respond. That is the supreme spiritual act. Haven’t you learned it yet? Of course you haven’t. It takes a lifetime to learn it……Cyprian Smith

finding our way…….seeking flowers in winter……hearing sweetness through fog…..lifting fragrant fields from our soul memories……can you hear the soft voices of doves, calling?

The purpose of contemplative practice is to cultivate inner and outer freedom so that we can respond more authentically to each moment and each invitation. We can be attached to such subtle things as set spiritual practices, certain doctrines, or a particular experience of consolation, all of which can stand in the way of experiencing the truth of the moment. Consider the subtle things in your life that get in the way of your ability to be truly present and to respond authentically in prayer. Remember that this is a lifelong journey……..Christine Valters Paintner

this beauty we emanate

I stand at the threshold and wait. Watching, listening, scanning the horizon. My soul is filled with wonder and beauty. My lungs expand with deep breathing from the beginning of time. Silence fills my breath, penetrating deep into my core and the outer reaches of my toes, fingers and very tips of the ends of the hairs on my head. I am filled: with breath, silence, beauty, wonder, hope, vastness and expanse. Deep blue skies, puffy clouds, green grass and carpets of wildflowers. I cross the threshold and enter….Sharon Richards

2 thoughts on “the enchantment of our calling

  1. I immediately think of the voice that wakes me sometimes in the night………someone (somewhere) speaks my name, and I know (without knowing) the universe is kind in permitting passage to a world not defined…… the place where my name is a holy mantra of divine remembrance. I love this……..the deep sweetness that is knowing. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • like a spiraling wish, direct to the heart of experience…..being full, responsive….a poetic metaphor for ‘remembering’…….heart to heart dear Bobbie……

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