considering the soul’s purpose

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Looking into the waters
of that flooding plain
there was a sense
that I made some symmetry
with the waiting world
just by seeing and hearing
and that I walked a frontier
between an inward heaven
and the great blue calling,
bird filled, breathing
we call a sky,
and that I stood at the edge
where two worlds
extended both far away
and close within,
so that I raised my palms
against the light
to see that they were real
and could hold the world
between my careful palms,
one horizon between two cradling skies,
looking inward and outward,
and astonished by the great everywhere
both within and without
like an invisible
unspoken invitation
radiating from where I stood,
I saw everything given
and everything taken from me,
I saw the way I had come
and the way I had promised to go,
all in one movement
as something I had become now
and would be forever,
the sheer generosity of being loved
through loving:
the miracle reflection of a twice blessed life.

….David Whyte

where are those blooming flowers anyway?…..listening to the smiles…..tuning into the misery behind the fear……flowers revitalize with sun and trust and tender, wistful knowing…..may we and the flowers know we are enough….

If you’re going to be anxious and rush around about anything,

do it first about finding the ‘I can’ of the universe

and how it straightens out your life.

Line up your starting place with that of the cosmos:

search and ask and boil with impatience

until you find the vision of the One Being

that empowers all your ideas and ideals,

that restores your faith and justifies your love.

All the rest- the universal and endless ‘things’

of life-

will then attach themselves to you as you

need them.

You will stand at the threshold where

completeness arrives naturally

and prostration leads to perfection.

Pouring yourself out makes the universe do

the same.

……Neal Douglas-Klotz

sacred odyssey

Don’t feel that you have to identify or describe all the good you want in your life. You can’t. There is a divine element of surrender at play here. You are not the only creator. If you were, only what you ask for could come to you. But as you will soon discover, when you focus on creating fertile conditions instead of constantly carrying the burden of asking, all kinds of divine manifestations come to you, whether you ask for them or not. So your conditions are ways of being that move you toward an awareness of unity. They are how you pour yourself out. They are the actions you take every day to find the ‘I can’ of the universe and align yourself to it. They are the ways you bring Divine Light into your everyday life. They are the ways you create heaven on earth……Janet Conner

2 thoughts on “considering the soul’s purpose

  1. I think of a woman sitting near the window in the sun with her knitting……….hooking and looping…….back and forth……..and on occassion, looking at what she has done with joy, forgiveness and acceptance. Sometimes, it means pulling apart and other times, rushing ahead. Until, one day it is finished. When held to the day, the light pours through – maybe even a little more in those places where a stitch was dropped or moments paused. I figure, ultimately, what matters most is not the worry or the flaws, but how much light shines through. ~ My love to you. ~ Bobbie

    • this little metaphor of sweet living holds me like a generous hug…..dreams of light and hallowed days don’t always come easily…..may you feel charmed and blessed Bobbie….

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