harmony’s heavy moon


In the West we seek an answer to the question, ‘Who am I?’ Here is where we search ourselves in an attempt to define what our strengths are and what it is we believe in. These things mark us as unique and autonomous. We look for our individuality and in striving for that, develop the confidence that is necessary to successfully confront life and living. This is also where we seek to avoid that fear of regret that comes with definition and separation from the whole. The searching, the making of decisions about ourselves, others, and the world around us, brings with it a certain sense of finality that we begrudgingly anticipate. Ultimately this is where we recognize not only the finality of decisions but our own finality as well: mortality. It’s one thing to know your limitations and quite another to hide behind them. How many people trudge through life believing that they don’t have choice in the matter, it wasn’t their fault, they didn’t do anything, it’s a disease, or they just can’t help it? These are all choices that significantly affect a person’s harmony and balance. These are all choices made out of fear, doubt, or uncertainty based on the avoidance of fears. The source of our harmony can just as easily be the source of our disharmony…….J.T. Garrett

how often we ruminate on the wonders of the heart, the rising tides, the sullen moon, and the hope of peaceful living……a precious acceptance of this strange illuminating force…..moving into our knowing…..

Grandmother Moon comes up each evening, as does Grandfather Sun to brighten our night and day. It is a Circle of Life that affects the tides, our moods, and even our planting seasons. Since we are kin to all things, we are influenced by these journeys of night and day in our Circle of Life. Therefore, our vision and truth is influenced by the lessons of this circle journey in the Universal Circle. This part of our Medicine-way……Doc Amoneeta Sequoyah

natural wonders

Thirst is a good prayer.

Be true to your longing.

………Gunilla Norris

4 thoughts on “harmony’s heavy moon

  1. Like the restless tides so our emotions rise and fall, and we wonder what is wrong with us, when the only answer to that is nothing other than not recognizing we are part of the flow of life and it’s energies, as certainly as the wind and the ayers are … May you find a peaceful ebb tide tonight …

    • this reminds me to breathe in the sacred messiness…..to breathe out trust…..nothing wrong, nothing wrong, nothing wrong…..a new mantra…..prayers of sacred meanderings to you g.f.s….

  2. Southern summers can be horrendous. There are times when I sit on my porch and wonder how it could possibly get any hotter. In those moments, I close my eyes and slow my breath……and though it could likely be coincidence, I pray for the slightest of breezes. Almost always, it comes. Surely most of what we wonder on exists within us. Our questions are, in fact, the answers. Our only fault in questioning the power of the questioner, the simplicity of the answers. ~ May the softest breeze bless you wondering. ~ Bobbie

    • this harmony, this synchronicity, this preciousness……honored by tiny miracles of breath and light and gifts……sending you the sweetest ease of being Bobbie…..

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