whims of inspiration


I confess that I consider life
to be a thing of the most
untouchable deliciousness . . .
…..Rainer Maria Rilke

finding, keeping, knowing, being……this is the realm of deep inspiration….wondering, wandering….receiving, releasing…..may it all wash away as soft as a beach stone…..

I use the words Her/She/Goddess/Shakti,
to describe something
that has no gender, no form, no limits.
It is your own essence,
the ground of being and how it dances into form,
It is that which catches you midair the moment the grip
on the Me-plan unclutches.
She is within you, she is outside of you.
She is not you, she is no other than you.
…….Chameli Ardagh

floating seahorses

There are only two ways to live your life.

One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as if everything is.

….Albert Einstein

5 thoughts on “whims of inspiration

  1. I’ve graduated to everything. She walks with me daily on beaches of circumstance where I wonder about light and wander though night … May she take your hand again and again …

    • you have known the essence of spaciousness, and she hugs the spring to winter in a smooth embrace….blessings to the she-moon within g.f.s….

  2. “It is that which catches you mid-air, the moment the grip on the Me-plan unclutches.”

    Perfect…..captures the miracle of freedom

    • letting go, letting go…..flying into a new day unearthed with the not-knowing that is all-knowing……with gratitude Eileen…..

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