listening to emerging life


This silence, this moment,
every moment,
if it’s genuinely inside you,
brings what you need.

there is a message that feels as slippery and unkempt as the suffering that lets us fall…..this is the message of ultimate deliverance through kindness and holding lightly to this earth…..we breathe in all that we put out…..may we know our own power to be who we know we are…..

The True Names of Birds
There are more ways to abandon a child
than to leave them at the mouth of the woods.
Sometimes by the time you find them they’ve made up names

for all the birds and constellations, and they’ve broken
their reflections in the lake with sticks.
With my daughter came promises and vows
that unfolded through time like a roadmap and lead me
to myself as a child, filled with wonder for my father
who could make sound from a wide blade of grass
and his breath. Here in the stillness of the forest,
the sun columning before me temple-ancient,
the wonder is what I regret losing most; that wonder
and the true names of birds.
…Susan Goyette

you & me & us & them

The challenge for humankind, in the 21st century, is to find humility and overcome duality and disconnection with nature. Nature is not just out there, we are nature too. Natal, nativity, native and nature all come from the same root. The word nature means: whatever is born and will die. Since we, humans, are also born and will die we are nature too. Thus nature and humans are one. Therefore we need to understand that what we do to nature we do to ourselves. We are all related; we live in an interdependent world. Deep ecology naturally leads to reverential ecology and spiritual ecology……Satish Kumar

4 thoughts on “listening to emerging life

  1. When I saw the title, I immediately thought of the process of learning to listen. The birds sing extra sweetly in the morning; while miles away a mother sighs; a baby weeps…….all within the eternity between one heartbeat and the next. Let us listen to the growing of the universe, and let us remember always the song that is our own heart beating. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • I know you feel the essence of one heartbeat & isn’t that the essence of the simplicity we seek? to be witness to our own emergence that affects all…..every bird has a name……love to you Bobbie

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