meeting the world for the first time


The individual self is a fleeting meeting ground of intricately woven relations, its nature is profoundly participatory, but is, for that, no less endowed with distinctiveness, particularity…..Joanna Macy

we come up from our minds now and again and feel the sweet wind that touches us all, one and the same…..all is washed clean, and we let go….this amazing surrender is the beginning of the ultimate letting go, the return, the wisdom of this love we create here…..

In the late spring of the year my mother died, she came to live closer to me so that I could take care of her. The frailty of her body approaching death was like a strong wind. We were present to each other as never before. I liked caring for her. I began to feel that the direction of caring, who was giving, who was receiving, was far less important than the intimacy of the gesture. I was losing her and gaining her in the same moments. And yet we both had love. Bound by little domesticities into closeness with my mother, we were being held in an ancient pattern through which rain, gravity, sunlight move particles of earth, energy, spores, leaves, or water moves from one place to another, composing and decomposing life. Plant life taking nourishment from earth, fusing with the bodies of animals. Everything dissolving into the whole and then separating, resolving into being. Everything I encounter permeates me, washes in and out, leaving a tracery, placing me in that beautiful paradox of being by which I am both a solitary creature and everyone, everything. To exist in a state of communion is to be aware of the nature of existence…….Susan Griffin

dust & breath

To us, each object is imbued with invisible fibers of light that reach out into the universe……Alex Jacobs

2 thoughts on “meeting the world for the first time

  1. Moments are like the tide……… Time washes over us. Before we know it, the healing is started such that we can look down, surprised at how much of the hurt is gone. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • a heart washed smooth like a beach stone….love the raw roots of experience, no matter the deep well of feeling… is good……ever be Bobbie…..

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