playing with inner light


I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way- things I had no words for.

….Georgia O’Keefe

deep desires, luscious color wheels, trail of beauty, manifesting vision… the realm of art making, may we conjure the vast and blooming soul of authenticity… is our birthright….

Annica means impermanence, or life being in a state of constant change and motion. As artists we tend to play with motion. We love things that are kinesthetic. A repeated stroke with a pen or paintbrush seems like a natural desire that wants to be expressed. The more our eyes open, ears listen, and skin feels, the more we have to give back to our work. It’s almost as if we are creating space within ourselves so that more of our original ideas can grow. In order to do that, we need to clear things out, go through a process of unlearning. This is when we gradually clear out others’ judgments and opinions, and start understanding and listening to our own beings. No one thinks like you, talks like you, or makes art like you, and that is an extraordinary thing…..Alenna Hennessy

perpetual heart of art

Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain,

but simply points the way.

…..Florence Scovel Shinn

2 thoughts on “playing with inner light

  1. One of my favorite quotes by CPE ~ “Be wild; that is how to clear the river. The river does not flow in polluted, we manage that. The river does not dry up, we block it. If we want to allow it its freedom, we have to allow our ideational lives to be let loose, to stream, letting anything come, initially censoring nothing. That is creative life. It is made up of divine paradox. To create one must be willing to be stone stupid, to sit upon a throne on top of a jackass and spill rubies from one’s mouth. Then the river will flow, then we can stand in the stream of it raining down.” I’ve often felt that thought is the enemy of creativity. We can think ourselves out of wonder, leaving pages worn through and a canvas empty. May your paints pour forth in colors not yet imagined by any but your soul. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • to be the divine vessel… I’ve never seen the color indigo before… to come into my studio with that freshness…..but many times I am tired and time is precious…..and the magic happens anyway….it’s that freshness that alights….catches me by surprise….may you feel each color Bobbie….

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