inhabiting the ache in our hearts


It must be built
by following your instinct,
as a seal finds its breathing hole in the ice,
by letting yourself go into
moments that pull
like a magnet to North.
You listen quietly
until you know
the moment,
the song,
why it pulls a place in you
and like the seal
you may find an eskimo spear
poised to strike
as you listen.
you visit your breathing place
where some moments
come, are lived quickly, and go;
other visits for years
and are still not over.
You must visit daily
so the path remains visible
as the doubts of others
try to entice you
to be their breathing place
try to make you forget
the place
you have struggled to find.
….Robert Smyth

it’s as if we awaken after a long sleep…..dreamy, wide-eyed….everything fresh……our limiting beliefs are pushed away, and we are as real as we can be….and then the day becomes muddied….soiled with the disconnect that closes us in…..may we remember to look up, to listen and to remind each other to breathe……

Presence is not some exotic state that we need to search for or manufacture. In the simplest terms, ‘it is the felt sense of wakefulness, openness, and tenderness that arises when we are fully here and now with our experience.’ Presence is the awareness that is intrinsic to our nature. It is immediate and embodied, perceived through our senses. Our wakefulness is the basic consciousness that is aware of what is happening, the intelligence that recognizes the changing flow of moment-by-moment experience- the sounds that are here around us, the sensations of the body, our thoughts. it is the ‘knowing’ quality of awareness. Our openness is the space of awareness in which life takes place. This awareness does not oppose our experience, or evaluate it in any way. Like the sky when weather systems come and go, the open space of awareness is unstained by the changing expressions of life moving through us. And yet awareness has a natural sensitivity and the capacity to express warmth. This responsiveness is what I call tenderness. Our tenderness allows us to respond with compassion, love, and awe to whatever arises, in all its beauty and sorrow. Each time we cry out for help, our longing can remind us to turn toward our true refuge, toward the healing and freedom of natural presence…..Tara Brach

be real with the uglies…..

You are not your mind.

You are not your fears. You are not your insecurities.

You are a soul. A spirit. A being of light with a big heart.

And the heart is a wild creature.

Don’t keep it caged in.

Don’t build walls around it.

Listen to it when it sings in the morning and let it take you places you thought you would never dare to go.

Let it guide you.

Let it help you find other hearts that beat with the same rhythm of love and beauty and magic.

Let your heart lead the way and no matter what happens or where you end up you will never ever ever get lost.

…..Renee Picard

6 thoughts on “inhabiting the ache in our hearts

  1. Thank you. These glimmers we receive of our true big spirited selves are such a breath of fresh air…like eating a tart cold grannysmith apple or taking a walk with the blustery wind on your cheeks. Our hearts beat to the same rhythm and I love you.

  2. Could we not find a way to extend that time – the time when we first awake and before the ego stirs? Let us linger in the slow……….and recall to our hearts the limitless wonder that moves around us and through us. Reminders to breathe. I love that…..but wonder in the world we know (as we know) whether breath is even a requirement. Let us linger……….let us let. ~ Always my love to your day, sweet friend. ~ Ever still, Bobbie

    • this space for breathing is a vital gift, a remembrance, a heart kiss… the knowing that we wake fresh and vulnerable every day……a sweet morning to you Bobbie….

  3. Wow… incredible. Thank you for blessing us your readers with another enlightening post. Such great reminders. Love this: “and then the day becomes muddied….soiled with the disconnect that closes us in”. Ah yes, may we remember to breathe, and to remind others as well. Thank you for this, and all the light you share. Blessings, Gina

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