your inner wisdom & the art of life


We are here essentially to risk ourselves in the world, we are a form of invitation to others and to otherness, we are meant to hazard ourselves for the right thing, for the right woman or the right man, for a son or a daughter, for the right work or for a gift given against all the odds. And in all this continual risking the most profound courage may be found in the simple willingness to allow ourselves to be happy along the way…David Whyte

isn’t this the most wonderful invitation to simply be ourselves, no holding back, no questioning about mistakes, regrets or bad luck?….inspiration that comes from a lightness of being helps us to relate to others in a more transparent and authentic way…..may we know our true nature to be a gift…..

One of the greatest texts about happiness and living well wasn’t written by a self-help expert, spiritual leader or psychologist. It was written by Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, and it may completely change your perspective on dealing with life’s challenges.

In 167 AD, Aurelius wrote ‘The Meditations,’ a 12-book compendium of personal writings, originally written in Greek, that reflect his extensive study of Stoic philosophy. Aurelius is now regarded as one of the most famous proponents and philosophers of Stoicism, an ancient Greek and Roman school of thought originating in the Hellenic period concerned with how to cultivate a mindset to deal effectively with any events or emotions.

Meditations is based around a single, simple precept: ‘You have power over your mind — not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.’

Meditations is ‘undoubtedly one of history’s most effective formulas for overcoming every negative situation we may encounter in life,’ Ryan Holiday writes in ‘The Obstacle Is The Way.’

Never got a chance to read Meditations? Here are five of the most important takeaways from the Roman Emperor’s magnum opus-

Your own happiness is up to you.

Life may not give you what you want, but it will give you what you need.

There is good in everyone.

True peace comes from within.

Treat life as an ‘old and faithful friend.’

Perhaps the most memorable passage of Meditations encourages us to view life as being, in the words of the poet Rumi, ‘rigged in our favor.’ It’s a powerful way of reframing any obstacle we encounter. Aurelius wrote:

‘True understanding is to see the events of life in this way: ‘You are here for my benefit, though rumor paints you otherwise.’ And everything is turned to one’s advantage when he greets a situation like this: You are the very thing I was looking for. Truly whatever arises in life is the right material to bring about your growth and the growth of those around you. This, in a word, is art — and this art called ‘life’ is a practice suitable to both men and gods. Everything contains some special purpose and a hidden blessing; what then could be strange or arduous when all of life is here to greet you like an old and faithful friend?’….Carolyn Gregoire


The most important thing in life

is knowing the most important things in life.

……David F. Jakielo

2 thoughts on “your inner wisdom & the art of life

  1. To turn the windows of our soul toward the rising sun…….to feel both the warmth and the sorrow that a twilight brings. To hold our imperfections as a tiny china cup – with a story for each stain, every crack……. This is beautiful, Blue for it is a reminder to love ourselves, to forgive everything, to know deep in our bones that we are blessed. ~ May your sun rise slowly against a blue horizon. ~ Bobbie

    • It’s a rare moment, a precious gift, when we can treat ourselves as an old soul friend…..from here so much doubt slips away, and the sweet taste of forgiveness washes us clean….I see the poems flowing over the ‘tiny china cup’……love to you soul friend…..

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