the storms that linger & pass


To give your dreams a boost of confidence, I created a list of the 15 things mentally strong people do. Perhaps it can help you along your own path.

1. They know when to move on.

2. They use their fear to motivate action.

3. The know failure is part of success.

4. They train their brains to see the good in everything.

5. They’re tenacious with their goals.

6. They start before they’re ready or confident.

7. They don’t take anything personally.

8. They believe in themselves.

9. They don’t try to fit in.

10. They allow themselves to be a beginner.

11. They don’t do things they don’t want to do.

12. They celebrate the success and happiness of others.

13. They don’t need a reason to help people.

14. They are unapologetic about their unique selves.

15. They accept what they can’t change.

…..Shannon Kaiser

when those tendrils of doubt find their way around our hearts, may we remember our truest notions of passing storms, the change of seasons, and our commitments to the potential of our lives…..

Weathering through each night and day, Spring finally arrives. Granting the tree just enough to continue on. Giving it a hint of the summer to come.

Even people reach a point where the first hard winter of their passion gives them room to pause. This comes in many different forms — from doubt to depression to life circumstances.

Weathering on past this moment, these moments, and looking at the first glimpse of spring pushes the love for the outdoors into that tree — allowing it to become tall and beautiful, swaying in the canopies of the forest.

Spring at last.

The sun, rising higher and higher, grants its energy to those patiently waiting on earth. The tree warms. The community of life surrounding its roots warms as well, giving more and more each day.

Hope begins again in the tree. Sprigs of new life erupt in budding branches.

Life gives life.

After each winter, the tree gives generously to those around it. Summer is fruitful, filled with many bounties and rewards. The tree continues to give, but also to receive. This is just as crucial of a point as that first hard winter.

The seedling seeks the light so that it may imbibe itself with the sun’s fulfilling energy. A person’s first experience in nature — interacting, honoring and taking in that first dose of pure, simple beauty begins a love for the outdoors.Walking home, holding the treasures of the day in our pockets, covered in dirt, and anticipating dinner on the table, we all began to understand the truth of nature…..Era Keys

that little inkling

You were given life; it is your duty
(and also your entitlement as a human being)
to find something beautiful within life,
no matter how slight.
….Elizabeth Gilbert


4 thoughts on “the storms that linger & pass

  1. Surely, from these pieces of our life (almost plans, failures, dreams) we can discern meaning, a reason to celebrate the beauty of our flaws. In these arms, more often than not, I am reminded of love and the potential I have always to soar. Beautiful, dear Blue. ~ May your day be blessed with moments of spontaneous flight. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • love to dream, to revisit old dreams, rekindle some, and lay many to rest….I always have room for new ones…..tucked wings are only in waiting Bobbie….

  2. I am not certain that it is just mentally strong people who practice these 15 things. There are some dozen ‘intelligences’ and these seem to cross the spectrum of them… regardless, these are gospel and should be carved in stone for the generations of the next yuga … Thank you for the blessings in this message …

    • funny how we forget that we can renew each day…..just by being alive, we are propelled to move…..may you follow those ancient callings g.f.s…..

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