the muddled view from the middle of our lives

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I sit mid bubbles and starlight,

Float on a wave of lavender

And wear wings of rainbows.

I don’t know where I am going.

The moon rises at my dawn

And the sun sets on my dreams.

I know where I have been.

A path of baby toads and butterflies

Guides my steps as I shed my knowing

To explore what I don’t know

And embrace what I can let go:

Breath steadies my heart.

Hope braids energy up my spine.

I believe what I believe.

I know what I know.

Mushrooms can be magic or deathly.

Tragedy can make us break us.

Death is not always easy, nor hard.

Time tests all of us, if not young, then old.

I take the only seed I trust, love,

And let it grow beyond what I can hold.

Only then can I truly let go.

….Edie Lazenby

where does our transference of feeling and illusion find us in the bright fullness of our lives? do we have to know our fears to rid ourselves of them? where does faith really come from? how do we know our lives are moving? what does it mean to follow our hearts?

We cannot force life.

We cannot slow it down and we cannot place it on speed-dial. Life just is. It has its own rhythm and its own pace. As much as we want everything to happen now, it does not. Thankfully, or we would be doomed.

There is a time for everything and everything has its time.

How about you? Feeling restless? Unsettled? Ungrounded? Does the future seems unclear and cloudy?

Settle in. Get comfortable. You may be here awhile. Be patient. Even though things do not seem to be working or moving forward, on a miniscule level they are. There is a brilliance going on both inside and outside of you.

Things are happening. Life is happening. You have millions of atoms in your favor, all creating a weapon of mass destruction inside just for you. You are built of cast iron. Unbreakable. Wear your armor proudly. You are being silently and secretly filled up.

You just need to believe. You need to want it. You need to welcome and embrace it. You need settle into your unsettled-ness. These mini invisible light beams help you see glimmer even when the sun does not shine. They are the warmth you feel on a damp day.

Settle in, for it may be awhile. And in this while, there may be the very miracle you are looking for.

…..Sarah Voldeng

those sunbeams keep streaming

After three days of sitting
hard by the window
following grief through
the breath

like a hunter
who has tracked for days
the blood spots
of his injured prey,

I came to the lake
where the deer had run

refusing to save
its life in the
dark water

and there it fell
to ground
in our mutual
and respectful quiet

the pale diamond
edge of the breath’s

……David Whyte

4 thoughts on “the muddled view from the middle of our lives

  1. Powerful message. Yes, the poet should always remember that life has a rhythm all it own, and if we are patient, then all things will pass, regardless of the means … Let the crocus flowers remind us of the eternal movement of (our) consciousness …

    • I love this call to patience, to presence, to not-knowing…..I picked a few crocuses yesterday, simply to feel the paradox of intention and letting go……the air is so cool and soothing g.f.s…..

  2. Should we strive to live a life unattached to people and things? My thought is that this attachment is perhaps life’s one consolation. For in the weaving and the unraveling, we find our comfort not in those things which encourage us to forget, but rather those which beg us remember. Surely, if the vision of one we loved is carried in our heart, the world will always be our home, and real inheritance is found in the things we keep long past the time of sleep. Could it be that the truest of all loves is that which we allow for ourselves, that which allows our heart to accommodate all we need to hold – as testament to something bigger than us? May your kite rise high above the waves today, my friend. ~ Love always, Bobbie

    • oh this is so beautiful…….love connecting this to heart space and the joys of being at home in our own skin, our own power to love… grace on fire….we have all we need…..may you know the gift of waiting Bobbie, your face warm in the sun…..

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