finding the soul of desire


Consider this: your brightest moments of living, the sharpest memories — both old and new, the days where you felt aligned with your purpose and meaning, are probably those in which you have truly felt the depths of your desire. Your authentic desire, which, since you were a child, has led you to what feels good, and right, and sustains your life and your will to live, is yearning for you to open wide to it. To notice its voice, its wisdom, and to unbridle your willingness to follow it through whatever scavenger hunt it will lead you through until you find yourself — all of your parts, the bright and the shadow, the parts that you nurture and love and those that you leave outside in the alley, hoping they’ll go away or at least that no one will notice them. Your desire wants you to remember that it is your holy compass. Our desire challenges us to see who we are in this moment, and who we want to become. Weaving a web between desire, and destiny, and the stars make perfect sense entomologically. The word desire comes from the old French phrase de sidere, and it literally means of the stars, or to await what the stars will bring. Authentic desire reveals itself when your body, mind, heart and spirit are aligned, and you feel powerful, whole, and connected to life — to the moon and stars above, to people, to this green earth. It reveals itself when you can make out the most subtle, nuanced voices of your being. It makes itself known when you have the energy, time, and space to listen to its slow enchanting melodies, and to take action on its mighty callings……Rebecca Riyana Sang

awakening may really be witnessing…..tuning in to our assertions and self-concepts and failed harmonies….nothing esoteric in this, simply paying attention without harsh self-judgment and a little emotional intelligence…..may true identity pierce the day….

By becoming more conscious of soul as witness of both inner and outer experience, the awareness that registers sensations, emotions and thoughts but is not identical with any of these, we gradually become aware of self as soul. When we turn attention to inquiring into the nature of soul as witness, we may find that a self-concept is not a discrete, a separate entity or substance that can be lost, but a way of seeing that, when awakened, is aware of its source as Spirit. Conflicting beliefs or assertions about the soul that are found both within and among the traditions need not interfere with the process of awakening. If we listen to their teachings as metaphors expressing different aspects of human experience, we can accept the cultural differences and find those that can be most helpful to our own awakening of soul……Frances Vaughan

your temples to collective hearts

Creation is revealed as a reservoir of spiritual meaning to the soul who is aware of its own essence and is therefore consciously and constantly oriented toward the Source of Creation…….Lee Hixon

2 thoughts on “finding the soul of desire

  1. In our passing, we remember our birth, and every sweet moment held between. We leave with a bag packed, and a map made of our dreams. I grieve the soul who passes and never knows the solace of tears between. Here our hurt, here our ache………here our name is remembered, much deeper than one heart could beat. ~ Love, Bobbie

    • this speaks of a tapestry of a life lived with riches deep in soul, longing, and truth….a beauteous remembrance to be tucked away later…..lovely, dear Bobbie…

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